Amazon talks about As Much Protein as an Egg

While I'd bill As Much Protein as an Egg as a mashup of Vonnegut, 9/11 novels, the quest to be a famous author and a love story, Amazon says it's this:

Artemis Kellog struggles to write his first screenplay, find love in San Francisco, and maintain his coffee consumption. Bainbridge McGee aspires to play golf, write his fourth Great American Novel, and dabble in the online dating scene. Each man is indebted to and inspired by Vonnegut, a passion that plays out as McGee works on his masterpiece and Kellog finds writing is his true religion. When they both land on a select committee tasked with choosing the winner of a prestigious sci-fi and fantasy writers award, the choice is clear—to them—and both become determined to ensure Vonnegut is honored with the award. At turns spellbinding, suspenseful, and full of love, this story comes down to the finish to reveal if, on science fiction’s grandest stage, Vonnegut will be remembered with the appropriate reverence the master deserves.

Sound good? Buy it, rate it and Facebook-like it here. Rock on! Listen here to get my pitch for the contest I'm running now.

New Fiction: As Much Protein as an Egg

Hey folks, hey folks!

New fiction is here! I've been working for a while on a project that inhabits both the world of my own fiction (see Tony Vitelli's appearance) and the World of Kurt Vonnegut as part of a collaboration witih Amazon's Kindle Worlds. It a mashup of fan fiction, new stuff and social criticism in the vein on old Vonnegut himself.

The book is called As Much Protein as an Egg, after an homage to KV's Breakfast of Champions as well as my own predilection for Kashi cereal. Yum yum. And for eggs. It's available now for the Kindle as well as readable on virtually device using one of the many Kindle Apps

I hope you'll give it a try. It's fun and funny, even a touch of Sci-Fi. For those of you who like time travel and Vonnegut's work and meta-fiction, or even just love coffee, this one's for you. Give it a shot!

Also, I'll be holding a contest for the first of you to post reviews on the book's Amazon page. That's right, those 5-star bad boys really do help. So, for the first 5 of you to read it and review, I'll send out signed copies of a book that you choose. For the next TEN of you, I'll hold a drawing to send out two signed copies chosen at random. Pretty good odds. So get to it: download, read, enjoy. You might even be able to get your Kindle to read it to you out loud! Let me know.

Here's a quick shout from me about this new by audio (click to listen). And I'll be back soon with a few podcasts of selected sections of the book. Deleted scenes, special content and the like. Stay tuned!

Your boy -- SH 


Today's Kindle Daily Deal: YOUNG JUNIUS and THIS IS LIFE

Check it! check it! check it! And cue the Theme Music! BIG news today:

It's none other than Your Boy for today's Kindle Daily Deal. This means discounted eBooks for THIS IS LIFE and YOUNG JUNIUS for you and everybody you know!

What an event! Believe me, this is like a writers' Holy Grail. I couldn't be happier and I have YOU to thank. So Thank You!

Last time this happened (with IBD), I wound up inside the top 20 authors on all of Amazon, ranked higher than Scott Fitzgerald! So I'm stoked for another meteoric rise up the charts. Follow all the progress here on Twitter @sethharwood.

I can also use your help. The more word gets out, the better this sale will do. So please head out to your local social networks and spread the word! Share the link: Tell 'em your boy Seth Harwood's books are available today on the special!

Spread it! Go tell 'em! And get your copy, if you haven't already.

If you're in Canada, you can get the same discount with this link: Canadians! Yes!

Stay tuned!

CrimeWAV for October is my story To the Bone!

Free audio fiction this month comes in the form of my story "To the Bone" straight from the Booked. Anthology and featured in the latest episode of CrimeWAV.

Click here to download or listen to this month's episode: Harwood "To the Bone"

What's more? The Booked. Anthology is for sale here and at Amazon. If you buy it from the Booked folks, just use the code "CRIMEWAV" to get 50% off the eBook when you hit that store link in the upper right. Right on!

What else? If you're in SF and want to come ROCK this Friday 10/18, come see me throw down at Literary Death Match 300 or No 50 for San Francisco! This show's always a blast and with it being a part of this year's LitQuake--get on that!--it'll be even bigger and better. Be there! 

You can also see me read as a part of Lip Service West at this year's LitCrawl on 10/19. Lip Service West is a “gritty, real, raw” true-story reading series produced by Joe and Justine Clifford. Featuring Joe Clifford, Seth Harwood, Lisa Martinovic, Tom Pitts, Josh Stallings, Will “the Thrill” Viharo, and Holly West. Gonna be a great time. Lots of cool crime folks there. Venue: Luna Rienne Gallery 8:30-9:30PM

Seth reads from In Broad Daylight at Bird & Beckett Books

Click here to listen or download this audio episode of updates and my live reading from In Broad Daylight.

Here’s the latest reading and live event for In Broad Daylight. I was so happy to visit Bird & Beckett Books here in SF on August 7th. We had a great crowd and this reading comes just as my good friend and co-reader Jim Sidel gears up for the publication of his novel The Last Survey. It'll be coming out from Roundabout Press in 2014.

What’s more news this week is that I'm teaching an ONLINE crime writing class this fall through Stanford Continuing Studies. Info at: 

Writing Mysteries and Thrillers: How to Craft Successful Plot, Action, and Characters

Registration starts August 19 and the class is limited in size so hurry.

Another reading! If you’re here in the Bay Area, I hope you’ll come out this Saturday, August 17th to Borderlands Books in the Mission for a reading from In Broad Daylight. Who knows? You might even see Scott Sigler there! If you'd like a signed copy of IBD, you can pre-order yours from Borderlands following these directions.

My friends at the Booked Podcast run a sister site to CrimeWAV, one that has a lot of what you guys are looking for: stories, interviews, reviews, you name it! Lots of FREE audio content! I was on there a while back reading from Young Junius. You may recall I co-ran that here. These guys have put together an Anthology of awesome fiction called, The Booked. Anthology! It's now here on Amazon. In it, you’ll find my new story “To the Bone." Need another reason to buy it? Better not. It's here on Amazon. 

My next reading is at Borderlands Books on Aug. 17th, 3PM. If you're able, come on out. If not and you'd like a signed copy of IBD for yourself, here's how to contact them for signed copies.

You in the UK? If so, check out This Is Life here. It's a part of Amazon's UK Kindle 100 for August! Just one quid!

Promos this round are from Mark Berry and J.M. Porup. Music by Kelly Vogel, my sweetie. Her new album Lessons Unexpected is just out and available on iTunes here.

Two San Francisco Readings for In Broad Daylight

San Franciscans: been missing the audio stylings of yours truly? Well now you can come out twice in August to see AND hear me reading from In Broad Daylight. Get your own signed copy too!

The first reading is Wednesday August 7th at 7:00 at Bird & Beckett Books in Glen Park (653 Chenery St.). "Killing Your Darlings." This one features my friend Jim Sidel from the Iowa Writers' Workshop reading from his upcoming book The Last Survey. He's an awesome writer and the event is one you won't want to miss. Here's the link for more info:    

The second event is in the friendly halls of our good old friend Borderland Books, the place where podcasters are king! Might even see Scott Sigler show up if you make this one. We kick it off on Saturday afternoon August 17th at 3:00 and hang out until 4:30, then go across the street for an impromptu pub crawl at Phoenix. Be there! It'll rock! Link to more info about the event is here.

The Return of Jewball OR: How a big time author reinvented himself digitally

OR: What you lose (and win!) by being digitally successful vs successful in physical bookstore terms (if those still exist).

I think you'll be interested in this podcast from Litquake's LitCast. It's Neal Pollack speaking as the keynote at Litquake's digi.lit conference in SF this June. [Click here to download now or listen away!] This talk seems particularly relevant to me because Neal's gone down a road very similar to my own. That is, except he's packed stores, gotten six-figure deals in the past and otherwise been very "successful" in traditional NY Publishing terms. He was evan a McSweeney's child! And now he's with Amazon's Thomas & Mercer Imprint, just like me. He explains why, what he's lost by being here and what he's gained. It's very interesting and enlightening listening for any author in today's media space. So check it out. Thank me later.

I first became aware of Neal when he wrote this essay in the NY Times Book Review about why he would self-publish Jewball. He even talked about doing a Kickstarter campaign just about the same time as when I did mine. I posted about all this back here on the AuthorBootCamp site. Now this fills in the rest of the story: how even with the platform of the NYTBR (!) the self-published book didn't sell and he turned to Thomas & Mercer. Definitely a turn I didn't see coming! He didn't even wind up doing the Kickstarter campaign. Why not? Who knows.

Anyway, here's the whole deal. You'll hear a lot that parallels the path I've gone down, the one you've followed me along, and also a lot of the reasons I'm happiest now with Thomas & Mercer. How I plan to keep on keeping on. Actually, on that note, In Broad Daylight is part of Amazon UK's Kindle 100 books for August. If you're over there, drop a review and pick up a copy. It's only ONE QUID! Who looks out for you. That's right. 

The digi.lit conference was great too, by the way. Stay tuned for a future LitCast that features my panel on what writers need to know to self-publish in the new digital space. 


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