Using Scribd.com to Publicize Your Book

Today I want to talk about a great new way to publicize your work online, one that's working very well for authors Kemble Scott, Hyla Molander, and today's guest Ransom Stephens: uploading your ebook to Scribd.com. Here, lots of readers can discover your work, "read-share" it via Facebook and generally help you get the word out.

Ransom Stephens uploaded his book The God Patent to Scribd in May 2009 and since then he's seen the book rack up over 19,000 reads and 80+ great reviews. This was enough for the book to get picked up and published by Numina Press (Vox Novus) last December. Billed as "The Scribd eBook Sensation," you can read The God Patent for FREE here.  

Looking ahead to publicizing YOUNG JUNIUS next month around its release from Tyrus Books, I caught up with Ransom to ask a few questions about how I can use Scribd to help: [more after the break]

I am BACK!

Yes, I'm back from a wonderful trip abroad to Tanzania! It was awesome!

What am I up to now? Working on Young Junius and Jack Palms II, of course!

And more...

Stay tuned for further info and trip re-cap coming soon.

Creating an Online Preorder Event: Tips & Strategies!! - Part II


Good News for Writers! (and 5 Tips on how to Capitalize on It!)

Right now there are more ways than ever to publish, distribute and evangelize your work—without spending a lot of money. Though the direction big publishing will take remains unclear, because we writers are small and nimble, we can act on as many strategies as we have time for.

Essentail Art Class Forum for Students

Please post any and all continued conversation that you'd like to engage one another with in this forum. It should work effectively like the forums in our Blackboard class: you can create new threads for various topics and post an attachment to your new thread post--so you can attach new writing pieces and get feedback. Have at it! It's your world. Seth


10-Min Free Video Lesson on Revision

Hey folks, here's a short video taken from my online class where I talk about the revision process I'm currently using on YOUNG JUNIUS and JACK PALMS 2: This Is Life. Here I take you into the lab, talk about how I'm doing the work and show you the dirty behind the actual writing process. You KNOW this is going to make YOUNG JUNIUS a better book. I hope you're as excited as I am for the awesomeness of the upcoming Cinco de Harwood pre-sale event! More info on that coming VERY SOON!

If I tell you how I’m feeling...

I’m in the middle of a big revision on my second Jack Palms novel, This Is Life.  I’m at a point where I can see the end of the revision and the trees all around me. Yet I have no idea if what I’m working on is junk or good. My instincts point toward junk, but that seems more about me than about the book. The one thing I know now is that my instincts and current confused feelings about what the book looks like as a whole (particularly in terms of quality) are not to be trusted.

Hot Tub Cast™ 11: Kindle Rush, Contest and Happy New Year!

Click here to Listen!

I'm back in the Hot Tub today waxing nostalgic about the fact that the decade is ending and that Y2K was ten years ago. I talk about the A Long Way from Disney Kindle rush that went on this week, some of the milestones it reached and my holidays. I also unveil a new Kindle Promo: The Contest!


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