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Climbing the Charts: In Broad Daylight!

The good folks at Thomas & Mercer purchased a promotion for In Broad Daylight today (April 25) on the site BookBub. Have you heard of these guys? Do you BookBub? They're basically a promotional site for books with a big following. They're similar to the Kindle Daily Deal, but are not a part of Amazon.

On Twitter alone, @BookBub has 97.5k followers. Today they tweeted:

So that's something. They also have an email list that goes out to a ton of folks. Today I found out I was on it for Thrillers. Huzzah! What's followed is another awesome ride up the charts. At the time of this posting, I'm in the top 100 Best Sellers in the Kindle Store. It's 9:30. What's next?

That's right! There I am next to Nora Roberts! Woo ha! And they must mean 6 days in the top 100 TOTAL. Well, well. It's all good to me. Enjoying the ride! 

Want to help out? Just tell somebody you know will like In Broad Daylight. It's actually just $1.99 for the rest of April, so they have a little time. You can also ReTweet the above tweet or share this post on Facebook. Here's BookBub's pitch: 

Perfect for fans of Stieg Larsson and Karin Slaughter: FBI agent Jess Harding returns to Alaska to track a sadistic killer under the ceaseless midnight sun. Now she must find a way to crack the secrets of the northern wilds — before the hunter becomes the hunted.

Seth reads from In Broad Daylight at Bird & Beckett Books

Click here to listen or download this audio episode of updates and my live reading from In Broad Daylight.

Here’s the latest reading and live event for In Broad Daylight. I was so happy to visit Bird & Beckett Books here in SF on August 7th. We had a great crowd and this reading comes just as my good friend and co-reader Jim Sidel gears up for the publication of his novel The Last Survey. It'll be coming out from Roundabout Press in 2014.

What’s more news this week is that I'm teaching an ONLINE crime writing class this fall through Stanford Continuing Studies. Info at: 

Writing Mysteries and Thrillers: How to Craft Successful Plot, Action, and Characters

Registration starts August 19 and the class is limited in size so hurry.

Another reading! If you’re here in the Bay Area, I hope you’ll come out this Saturday, August 17th to Borderlands Books in the Mission for a reading from In Broad Daylight. Who knows? You might even see Scott Sigler there! If you'd like a signed copy of IBD, you can pre-order yours from Borderlands following these directions.

My friends at the Booked Podcast run a sister site to CrimeWAV, one that has a lot of what you guys are looking for: stories, interviews, reviews, you name it! Lots of FREE audio content! I was on there a while back reading from Young Junius. You may recall I co-ran that here. These guys have put together an Anthology of awesome fiction called, The Booked. Anthology! It's now here on Amazon. In it, you’ll find my new story “To the Bone." Need another reason to buy it? Better not. It's here on Amazon. 

My next reading is at Borderlands Books on Aug. 17th, 3PM. If you're able, come on out. If not and you'd like a signed copy of IBD for yourself, here's how to contact them for signed copies.

You in the UK? If so, check out This Is Life here. It's a part of Amazon's UK Kindle 100 for August! Just one quid!

Promos this round are from Mark Berry and J.M. Porup. Music by Kelly Vogel, my sweetie. Her new album Lessons Unexpected is just out and available on iTunes here.

Two San Francisco Readings for In Broad Daylight

San Franciscans: been missing the audio stylings of yours truly? Well now you can come out twice in August to see AND hear me reading from In Broad Daylight. Get your own signed copy too!

The first reading is Wednesday August 7th at 7:00 at Bird & Beckett Books in Glen Park (653 Chenery St.). "Killing Your Darlings." This one features my friend Jim Sidel from the Iowa Writers' Workshop reading from his upcoming book The Last Survey. He's an awesome writer and the event is one you won't want to miss. Here's the link for more info:    

The second event is in the friendly halls of our good old friend Borderland Books, the place where podcasters are king! Might even see Scott Sigler show up if you make this one. We kick it off on Saturday afternoon August 17th at 3:00 and hang out until 4:30, then go across the street for an impromptu pub crawl at Phoenix. Be there! It'll rock! Link to more info about the event is here.

Greater Than Gatsby and Thank You!

In Broad Daylight rocks the charts!

And my author rank leaps into the top 20!

Last week, June 19th specifically, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT was Amazon's Kindle Daily Deal. That means that they marked the price down to $1.99 promoted the living *Daylights* out of it (yes, I did), and it sold a crap ton of  copies!

How many copies? Well, more than Jack Wakes Up has sold EVER!! In one day. How about those Daylights! (again.)

At its apex, IBD peaked in Kindle bestsellers at #5! Those of you who've been with me since the first Palms Sunday will recall that my previous high was #45 overall! So I say, "Woot!" to that. A woot and a holla!

It also hit #1 in Crime, Mystery and Women Sleuths! That's right! NUMBER ONE! 

And me? As you can see below, I made it above our man J.R.R. when I was #76 in Authors on the site. But guess what: it didn't stop there!

You can see that I hit #22 and topped even The Great Fitzgerald. Did it stop there?

NO! I climbed as high as #16 in all authors on Amazon. Can you believe that!?!? That's some elite company.

It was a very exciting ride, as you can imagine. And I want to thank you all for your support. You helped me get here and we did it together. Lots of hard work and elbow grease, but it is and has been worth it! 

Rest assured that I'll keep rocking it, bringing you more awesome content and further FREE podcasts. If you have the gumption, please share the link to In Broad Daylight with your friends on the social medias and tell them about the book. I'm hoping we can keep the chart ride going and make this THE beach reading mystery of the summer!

Kindle Daily Deal: In Broad Daylight!

Wow! Feels like I've been all over the internet today posting this news everywhere BUT here on the blog. Duh! But act now and it's not too late to snap up In Broad Daylight as part of today's Kindle Daily Deal and get it for $1.99. 

Yes, I've been posting here on Twitter and on Facebook and even Google+! So get on board with me on those if you haven't already. Otherwise, here's a recap of today's excitment (so far)! Updates to come.

  • IBD starts out at around 5,000 in books and then rockets to #162 by late morning. 
  • People start seeing IBD advertised on their Kindle screens! (See right.)
  • Finally IBD busts into the Kindle 100 bestsellers in Books! Woot/Holla!
  • Then... Larry Bird's number--it's at #33!
  • Then it goes right into the top ten!
  • It also hits #1 in Crime and #2 in Women Sleuths.
  • By nightfall and this writing, the peak has been #8 in books. Stay tuned for more and go grab up your copy at $1.99 if you get this fast! 


==> Thursday AM update: IBD is now the #5 Kindle Book

AND I'm the #17 author on the site! More pics to come! <==

Link here to grab In Broad Daylight now! Tell your friends!   

In Broad Daylight - Now in Print!

IN BROAD DAYLIGHT is out today! Listen here for my Short Audio Missive about the new release!

You can get it online from Amazon in Paperback and eBook, as well as signed copies at Borderlands Books (info here). I hope you'll pick up a copy!

There are THREE WAYS you can help me make this a big release:

1) Pick up a copy! Go ahead, for Kindle it's just five bucks!

2) Drop a sweet review of In Broad Daylight on Amazon or Goodreads. Do this only if you've already listened to the podcast or read a preview.

3) Help spread the word on social media! Spread links on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, etc. Rock and roll with me! Tell one person or fifty!

What else? Well, I'm holding a contest here all week (at least). Comment below to let me know which main character you'd like to see in the next book I write and/or tell me why YOU deserve a free, autographed copy of In Broad Daylight on your shelf. I'll be picking 3-5 winners soon!

Your spot for signed copies: Borderlands Books!

Hello Palms Family! As we have in the past, I'll be setting up a go-to spot again for you to order SIGNED COPIES of the latest release. This time, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT from Thomas & Mercer Press is available in signed, inscribed or lipstick-kissed paperback copies from Borderlands Books!

Here's how you can order, thanks to Borderlands' own Jude Feldman. 

Borderlands would be happy to set up your order for IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. The book is a trade paperback, and costs $14.95. Typically, an "autographed" book just has the author's signature, and an "inscribed" book is personalized in whatever fashion you wish and then signed by the author. (The price is the same for an unsigned, signed, or inscribed book, and Seth is happy to do inscriptions.) We will ship out copies just as soon as they've arrived and Seth has had a chance to sign them.

We just need to know the following from you: [READ ON]


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