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In Broad Daylight - Episode 13

All content this week, folks! Nothing but the skinny and no room here for my yap! Blame it on all the extras you ate last week for Thanksgiving! Or just shove it in your ears and enjoy it! Jess Harding rides on!

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Hope you enjoy it. Have a great week!

In Broad Daylight - Episode 12 - Happy Thanksgiving!

From Seth Harwood, Niki Vojacek, Freeman Jones, Jane Gannon, Vlade Kladivo and the gang!From Seth Harwood, Niki Vojacek, Freeman Jones, Jane Gannon, Vlade Kladivo and the gang!Here's hoping this episode helps you through all your Black Friday shopping, traffic and whatever else becomes you over the holiday weekend! Enjoy!

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This is your boy! We've got a special authorial note this week courtesy of Ken Harmeyer in Honolulu; a hot, formative episode of the story; and a plug for one of my favorite podcasts, Podioracket! Check out the show that brings you all the news, interviews and views from the Podiosphere--specifically those that involve free audiobooks for ya!! What could be better? The ladies are starting their season 6 right now and I'll be joining them soon. Stay tuned

Also in the news this week is that Triad Death Match is now FREE on the Kindle store. Snap up one or a few and enjoy the action! Tell your friends! And then go get a copy of Czechmate!

Hope you dig this old Thanksgiving greeting from all your folks in the Jack Palms crime world. Don't know them? Read Czechmate and find out! 

In Broad Daylight - Episode 11

This week’s big news is still the release of Czechmate on the Kindle platform! (Just $2.99) Listen as I take a break from sending emails to tell you all about it, give you more free fiction starring Jess Harding, AND update you on future podcasts.

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More features include: How to help me crush Amazon, when the Kickstarter print editions will be rolling out in the mail, and This Is Life is just $0.99 all week until Thanksgiving!

Also, Marc Vale stops by to talk about why buying a second book along with Czechmate really helps.

In Broad Daylight - Episode 10

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This week Jess Harding heads back out to the Old Believers restaurant to have another sit down with Alexandra. There's more information there, and our girl's definitely going to get it. The questions come fast and furious this week and you'll get a lot more of the story's critical details by its end.

I spend time talking about the release of Czechmate next week, how I'm progressing with the books for those folks who graciously backed the Kickstarter Campaign -- both paperback and hardcover -- and pump you up for a visit from Mike Bennett, who adds a promo to this week's show for his podcast Underwood & Flinch, now at a whopping 39 episodes and available at

Into the Woods! In Broad Daylight 9!

Look who's paying attention to Jess Harding this week! Are you?

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Hope you're enjoying the story. This week, I'm mostly dormant, but next week I'll be appearing at a Literary/Crime/Noir Salon in North Berkeley hosted by the wonderful Janet Rudolph. Event is Thursday Nov. 10th at 7PM and also features great writer, racer and dog-lover Simon Wood! Come on out! Visit Janet's website to RSVP and get address details. 

This week I talk about my new recording setup, quality, and a great new podcast novel by one of my former Author Boot Camp students. We just had another session at Stanford the past two weekends and it went GREAT!!

Heather Stallings is the author of False Alarm, an exciting sports-management novel that she's now podcasting at Head on over and check it out! You can find episode 1 here.

In Broad Daylight - 08 - The Action's Back!!

Cards Win!Cards Win!What can I say? Here we are with more of the story. Click here to listen or download Episode 8.

Thanks for all your support this month regarding THIS IS LIFE in the Kindle Store. If you haven't dropped a review, you can do it here.

Lots of good stuff going on here. Listen to get the jist. Join the party!

What's to come? More books, more action, ordering copies for the Kickstarter tour and...

Got the love for Jess Harding! And the Cards!


In Broad Daylight - Episode 7

Harding and Martinez are back again to go after their man. Click here to download or listen now!

This week, I'm all about thanking you guys who helped out with the Kickstarter campaign and talking about my new venture into the eBook world with THIS IS LIFE on Kindle. I do my best to be concise, but you know how that generally goes. In any case, drop me a line and say hello, then go over to Kindle and grab up a copy of the eBook! You DO NOT need a Kindle to do it!

I have a new promo out here that podcasters can grab up for their usage!

The final tally on the Kickstarter campaign was $7,167, which is totally awesome! We rocked it, blasted it and made some serious waves! Sheesh, we practically got to the 200% funded mark! We really did this in an impressive fashion. So thank you! Next up for us to conquer is the Kindle Bestseller charts. So pitch in when you can, keep it criminal, and LET's DO THIS!  --yer boy, SH

In Broad Daylight - Episode 6

Offical TIL Cover (click to enlarge)Offical TIL Cover (click to enlarge)Right here, see the final version of the cover for THIS IS LIFE, featuring the blurb from award-winning author Tom Franklin:

"Seth Harwood is my favorite new American writer. I recommend this book, all his books, to you. You'll thank me. Just wait." You can hear Tom read an excerpt from his novel Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter, here. He was on CrimeWAV for episode 63!

So I'm pumped up about that. Then what's next? Click here to listen or download episode 6 of In Broad Daylight.

I'm feeling somewhat better this week, but still a little under the weather. Therefore, you'll hear me do a not so good job here of telling you about:

  • The end of the Kickstarter campaign: coming Saturday 10/8 at 9am Pacific/12 noon Eastern! If you're gonna get in, get on it! This will be your last chance to get JP2 paperback and hardcover in this special edition. 
  • We've totally rocked this project and so far have cleared almost $7k in funding! This is awesome and totally sets me up to fund what I need to do. More on that soon.
  • Next up in the grand project of going forward, is eBooks! THIS IS LIFE is available now on Kindle and we're ready to start rocking that. If you've got a Kindle, great! If not, you can get the Kindle App for your Mac, PC, iPhone, Smartphone or whatever here! Then go get it!

You want more?

Okay here's Shawna Yang Ryan talking about if what we did on Kickstarter is the future of Self-Publishing over at AND...

This week in promos features Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff's new eBook Transistor Rodeo! Read here to find out how you can win $50 from Amazon when you buy!

Also our friends at tell you about all the audio goodness you can grab up there too! Enjoy it!

In Broad Daylight - Episode 5

This is your new episode of In Broad Daylight. Click here to listen or download episode 5.

it's the slightly-tired and throat hurty version of this week's content with live features slightly muted. But what can you expect? Happens to us all once in a while.

Only 8 days left in the Kickstarter campaign! Get on it / Get in it / Get you some!

Hope you guys have been checking out Author Boot Camp for my recent posts on new trends and models in publishing.

In Broad Daylight - Episode 4

"...preparin' for tomorrow I do what I have to do..."  -Curtis Mayfield

So happy to have you guys back this week for episode 4. Click here to download now or listen to In Broad Daylight - 04

We've got a lot of awesome for you here this week: three new chapters, more shouts from the Kickstarter donors, a couple of awesome listener call-ins, a few fan and friend books to plug and the news that I'm featured this week on as well as Podiobooks!

So check it out. I'm so happy to have you back with me! If you haven't come over to the Kickstarter page yet, it's here for your eyes. Watch the video!

I also talk about the new podcast All Roads Lead to Blue Lake by Marc Vale. You can find it on Podiobooks here and at his site here.

My new friend Laurie Stevens has a new book out called The Dark Before Dawn. You can find it and more info about her here. Click on this link to preview the PDF.

What else? Last up is the hot news that Jess Harding has landed at! Woot! Go on over and drop an awesome rating when you have the chance. Thanks! See ya next week!

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