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New Online Mystery Class and Graham hits CrimeWAV

New stuff this month: first up, I'm teaching an online creative writing class in Mysteries and Thrillers starting in September. (9/22 to be exact.) The class is enrolling now and filling fast. Go here to get more info or to sign up.

Here's a quick description: 

The Art of Mysteries and Thrillers: Plot, Action, and Characterization (Online Course)

This course will focus on how to write the great crime, noir, or mystery you have been eager to get down on paper, or to polish to a submission-ready sheen. In the first half of the course, we will spend time developing effective tools for dialogue, descriptive action, three-dimensional characters, and suspense. By reading classic writers of the genre such as Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, and Jim Thompson, as well as some contemporary stars, we will build a set of reference points to use for our discussions of student work. Then, during the second half of the course, each student will workshop a story or novel excerpt with the class to get feedback on writing and revision. More here

Graham mean mugginGraham mean mugginWant more? Well, the new epsiode of CrimeWAV is now live here: Barry Graham reads "Big Davey Joins the Majority." 

Direct link to the audio is here. Click now to listen or download.  Thanks to Barry for coming on. More info about him is here: barrygrahamauthor.com He's also on Twitter here @BazNoir

Big thanks to the guys from the Booked. Podcast guys, Robb and Liv, for hosting this show. Dopeness personified, even if they don't know shit about Scottish/Scots/Scotch.

More CrimeWAV - Reece Hirsch reads from The Adversary!

Hey hey hey! I'm back and hosting CrimeWAV this month. No, not Fat Albert. It's your boy!

Hello and welcome to more of the CrimeWAV! This month we've got my fellow Thomas & Mercer author Reece Hirsch reading the first two chapters of his novel THE ADVERSARY

Click here to download or listen to this month's episode.

Believe me, once you hear this start, you're going to want to read the rest of this book. So here's where you can go pick it up on Amazon: in paperback and for Kindle. Oh, turns out you can also buy the audiobook as read by some fancy actor. 

Reece Hirsch is a San Francisco man. Like many of his characters, he is a lawyer specializing in privacy and data security law. Unlike his characters, Reece has never been pursued by the FBI, the CIA, the San Francisco PD or Russian mobsters -- yet.  

CrimeWAV for October is my story To the Bone!

Free audio fiction this month comes in the form of my story "To the Bone" straight from the Booked. Anthology and featured in the latest episode of CrimeWAV.

Click here to download or listen to this month's episode: Harwood "To the Bone"

What's more? The Booked. Anthology is for sale here and at Amazon. If you buy it from the Booked folks, just use the code "CRIMEWAV" to get 50% off the eBook when you hit that store link in the upper right. Right on!

What else? If you're in SF and want to come ROCK this Friday 10/18, come see me throw down at Literary Death Match 300 or No 50 for San Francisco! This show's always a blast and with it being a part of this year's LitQuake--get on that!--it'll be even bigger and better. Be there! 

You can also see me read as a part of Lip Service West at this year's LitCrawl on 10/19. Lip Service West is a “gritty, real, raw” true-story reading series produced by Joe and Justine Clifford. Featuring Joe Clifford, Seth Harwood, Lisa Martinovic, Tom Pitts, Josh Stallings, Will “the Thrill” Viharo, and Holly West. Gonna be a great time. Lots of cool crime folks there. Venue: Luna Rienne Gallery 8:30-9:30PM

*FIXED*--CrimeWAV for June: Johnny Shaw reads "Luck"!

Welcome to the **FIXED** June edition of CrimeWAV. I’m very happy to feature my friend, and label mate from Thomas & Mercer, Johnny Shaw on this month’s show.

Click here to download or listen to the right and edited version of “Luck” by Johnny Shaw.

Johnny Shaw was born and raised in the Desert Southwest on the Calexico/Mexicali border, the setting for his novels, DOVE SEASON and BIG MARIA. He is also the creator and editor of the online fiction quarterly BLOOD & TACOS, a loving homage to the men’s adventure paperbacks of the 1970′s & 1980′s.  And for you audio aficionados, check out the Blood & Tacos Podcast.

His short stories have appeared in Blood & Tacos, Plots With Guns, Thuglit, and in a number of anthologies. The story "Luck" first appeared in Thuglit #1, edited by Todd Robinson, another awesome writer and friend of the show. Be sure to check out Todd’s book, The Hard Bounce, when you’re looking for something awesome!

Johnny lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Spinetingler Award-nominated artist Roxanne Patruznick.

You can find him online at www.johnnyshawauthor.com or follow him on Twitter @BloodAndTacos

Johnny, Tyler Dilts, Eric Beetner, Gary Phillips, Paul Bishop and myself will be talking crime and hardboiled noir at the California Crime Writers Conference later this month in Pasadena. Come on out if you’re close by.

I’m also happy to present a promo on this week’s show for Mark Berry and his podcast Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun. Find it and listen now on Podiobooks.com.

Thanks for listening. I’ll be back next month with a story from Court Merrigan


One Week to New Releases, Palms Baby Addition AND new CrimeWAV now!

First things first: here in the Palms Universe, there is a new addition -- a Palms Baby! Little Willa Evelyn Harwood has arrived. You can see some pics of her and geek out with me here on Facebook. Fatherhood? It's absolutely awesome and amazing. You already knew that? Yeah, I know you did.

What's more, in less than a week, Thomas & Mercer releases YOUNG JUNIUS and THIS IS LIFE -- both on Feb 19. Depending on how you look at it, either your faves are now out for you to read, share with your friends and review online, OR they're back from a new publisher to jump all over the Amazon charts. Either way, they'll be here soon! Snap 'em up, tell your friends, review, all that goodness!

I'll be back on Tuesday to give you more news and touch base, but for now here is Richie Narvaez giving you his new story "Ibarra Goes Down" from CrimeWAV! Click here to download or listen to "Ibarra Goes Down." Enjoy it!

If you'd like to enter on Goodreads to win a copy of THIS IS LIFE, follow this link. Good luck! 

Please tell your friends about the new releases and help to spread the word however you can. Thank you for helping to make it all a reality! --yer boy!

Back to the WAV! Jed Ayres reads "Hoosier Daddy!"

The CrimeWAV and therefore your boy Seth Harwood are both BACK!!

As Rakim says, "it's been a long time." And it has.

Apologies about that fade-ish-ness. But here things are again: me (Your friendly neighborhood Future Urban Crime Kingpin), a story (in this case Hoosier Daddy by Jed Ayres), and You. The three of us together at long last.

So grab your ear buds, pop 'em in that iPhone which now likely streams our stuff without any troublesome downloading and... click on the following link:

Jedidiah Ayres reads "Hoosier Daddy." -- Click here to listen or download. 

Jedidiah Ayres is the author of the collection A F*ckload of Shorts and Fierce Bitches (due in early 2013). He is also co-editor of the anthologies Noir at the Bar volumes 1 & 2 and D*CKED: Dark Fiction Inspired By Dick Cheney. Find him at his blog Hardboiled Wonderland

New Fiction: Jordan in the Time of Cold War

Crime fans Unite! We're back with an all new story by *yer boy* Seth Harwood. Click here to listen to "Jordan in the Time of Cold War."

This story will be featured in the September issue of Crime Factory. Check out the August issue here and lots more from an awesome pulp online pub!!

I'm pumped to be back and have a lot of news to spread, including:

  1. The upcoming print release of JACK PALMS II: THIS IS LIFE!! It's coming your way in September through Kickstarter and then in October as an eBook and Amazon.com print release. Listen up for more on that.
  2. Lots of news/talk about this Kickstarter event, that's likely to start on Sept. 8!! Get ready to cop your low-number copies of the special edition JP2!
  3. In Broad Daylight - My new Jess Harding thriller/mystery about an FBI manhunt for a woman-chopping serial killer in Alaska! Starts Sept 1 and comes at you every week as a new, free podcast novel.
  4. My new Facebook Author page! Holla over there and give it some "Like" to stay tuned.
  5. What else? Listen up and find out. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

More from me in the coming weeks. For now, this is your boy... out! Also, I'd love to hear from you. Drop a line.


New Action at CrimeWAV

Coming soon to the CrimeWAV Player, I'm happy to announce we'll have a full podcast novel: The Immortal Game by Mark Coggins! He's MY boy!

For today satisfy yourself with the melodious tones of Dan O'Shea and his story "Thin Mints!

Bonus: want to get started on Mark's work ahead of schedule? His first podcast novel Vulture Capital is already out! Find it here!

Also, John Dodds's new podcast novel Bone Machines is FREE, badass, and fully ready for you to download here! Aside from being a full-blown thug, you might know John Dodds from back in CrimeWAV episode 35: "Crossing the Border". His blog and stuff is here: http://bonemachines.wordpress.com/

Now... you listen to podcasts, right? You know Keith Malley from the Keith and the Girl? Yes, I thought you did. Well, now you can get his NOVEL, titled "The Great American Novel" (of course) from the KatG site. If you use the code "seth" when you do, you'll get $2 off the book! Go ahead, when you pick yours up, drop the code for your boy! Heard? Now do it!


CrimeWAV Episode 62: Gary Phillips reads from The Underbelly

Click here to listen to episode 62 of the CrimeWAV: Gary Phillips reads from THE UNDERBELLY

Thanks much to Gary for coming back on the show! Some of you might recall his excellent story "Swift Boats for Jesus" from all the way back in Episode 5.

Now Gary re-joins us to deliver the opening of his new novella The Underbelly, out now from PM Press. Gary has published over 7 novels including, bangers, Freedom's Flight, Perdition USA and most recently, The Jook, also from PM Press.

PM Press is a dynamite publisher who's recently come onto the crime fiction scene displaying superb cover art and an impeccable choice in authors and books. Visit them now at PMPress.org.

Gary's website is GDPhillips.com You can also contact him here for your questions and feedback.

Young Junius hits Bouchercon on 10/14 and will be in stores on 10/18 when we'll be rushing the amazon charts! If you're in Northern California, Boston or NYC, I'd love to see you out at one of my reading events! Full info is here: http://sethharwood.com/tour

New CrimeWAV hits the Net!

with Cousins Maggie and Shira at the Sawks!with Cousins Maggie and Shira at the Sawks!Hey! Have you checked out the new episode over at CrimeWAV? Jason Duke presents part THREE of Phoenix Nightlife. Hope you've been checking it out.

I'm in Boston, kicking back, working pages, and planning a few readings and events for the YOUNG JUNIUS release this fall. Wicked awesome!

You pumped? Hope so.

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