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Jack Wakes Up

Book Guys Interview and K7 Questions!

Okay okay! Yes, it's been too long since you called in and asked your K7 questions about In Broad Daylight! This goes without saying. My bad. Maximum.

But now I'm here, joined by Paul the Book Guy talking shop, Palms, action and yes, answering your K7 questions whether they're spoilers or not! So come on and give a listen!

Click here to download or listen to Book Guys Ep 40 - Palms Sunday

We're also joined on the show by Sir Jimmy and the amazing teenaged novelist Spencer Brokaw! This kid will knock your socks off! Check out his website: Spencer Brokaw's Web Site and get your copy of The Impenetrable Spy right here. He wrote it when he was ten. Damn! How many ten year olds do you know who can spell Impenetrable!?!?!

Thanks to everybody for being on the show, especially to Paul Alves for putting it together. Enjoy!

New iPhone / iTouch / iPad Apps!

Now A Long Way from Disney and Jack Wakes Up are both available as iPhone and iTunes Apps

Yes! Thanks to my friend Brian Rathbone and White Wolf Press, you can now get A Long Way from Disney, the story collection as an iPhone app for $1.99.

Yes, the Kindle version is still available here for $0.99.

You can also get the stories on Smashwords and Mobipocket. Why? Because we love to bring you fiction for however you want to read it.

Also, a company not known to me, Iceberg Reader/ScrollMotion has packaged Jack Wakes Up to sell as an iPhone App for $16.99. Want to see it? Go here. Not sure how, but they've gone through Random House to get the go-ahead on this one. Enjoy it if you buy!

Want the Kindle version for $9.99? It's here. Shizz, you can even get a regular, old-school print version here for $11.16. Enjoy!!


for some reason i can not hear the podcast clearly. it cuts in and out and i miss half of the chapter. i would really like to listen to the rest of the story but feel that i will not understand it unless i can hear the COMPLETE story. i am listening to it on quicktime. if you have any suggestions i would appreciate them.

Best Review Ever for JACK WAKES UP!

The DIY Author Returneth (Again)

Pat Holt, who is now my favorite reviewer, bar none, has just written up the third post in her series about DIY authorship and my own road in particular. This post also includes mentions of JA Konrath, JC Hutchins and newbie Erin O'Briant.

Pat's main point here is that things are changing, but she also talks about how it still comes back to the writing, its quality. That's where this piece gets special for me. Here's what Pat has to say about JACK WAKES UP:

“Jack Wakes Up,” which begins a series of books (Seth’s already written three), is both a refreshing crime novel and a witty look at 21st century existential angst through its title character, a charming wiseacre/former actor/reluctant sleuth named Jack Palms.

True, everything about this original paperback looks like a flashy postmodern Chandler spinoff that fans of paperback detective fiction might pick up for a good airplane read, something fun and quick.

But that’s just the page-turner part.     (READ MORE...)

Reading from JACK WAKES UP: Mysteries to Die For

I'm happy to present in its entirety a recording of a reading I did this summer at Mysteries To Die For, the wonderful independent mystery bookshop in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Listen To/Download the Reading here

Bigtime thanks to the staff and customers of Mysteries to Die For for having me visit, Joelle for coming along, and Aldo "Mystery Dawg" Calcagno for showing me the way(s) around and about L.A.

This photo is actually from my reading at Murder By The Book in Houston, another awesome bookseller I visited this summer. Thanks to Shirley Bruce for taking the pic!


Gerald So review

Gerald So, fiction editor for the ever-awesome Thrilling Detective Website, reviews JACK WAKES UP on his blog here and has this to say:

If you remember the B action flicks of the 90s as fondly as I do, you'll appreciate Jack Wakes Up. The book's third-person present narration brings a movie to mind and, along with short, punchy chapters, keeps the plot moving. Though Jack Wakes Up may be a homage to action movies, Harwood's careful characterization and overall energy made Jack and his world seem new to me. And now I'd gladly visit them again.

Thanks, G!

LIVE from HOUSTON!! (6/27)

Crew at Two BarsCrew at Two Bars

Direct link to audio of Houston -Murder by the Book Reading

NOW I'm ready to proclaim myself the hardest working man in showbiz! Forget about James Brown, God rest his soul, after this weekend's 4 readings in 4 nights in 4 cities over 3 states and covering over 4,100 miles, I'm ready to challange any other first-book author to bring his/her own goods and go head-to-head with a schedule like that! Damn right!

For the record, I did Phoenix/Scottsdale-Poisoned Pen- on Thursday, Tucson- Clues Unlimited- on Friday (that's T-U-C-S-O-N, thanks Daniel), then Houston- Murder by the Book- on Saturday, followed by fun at Two Rows... and then I flew home to appear at Book Passage in Marin County on Sunday night! Yeah. Boo-yah.

It was fun, firey, hot, humid, exciting, worthwhile, and tummy-rubbing all at the same time. Lots of early mornings, even when I tried to keep it from going that way. Thanks to everyone who came out, but especially: Kevin, Karen, Kate, Rich, Jason, Keith, C.J., Evo, Sheila, Teel, Paul, Lisa, John, Suzanne, Jeff, Todd, Jen, Gwennie, Shirley, Ttreed, and... if I forgot you, I'm very very sorry.

I should have a video montage from the event coming up pretty soon, but in the interim, here's the audio of the Houston event for your listening pleasure. If you'd like to skip ahead and pop right to the Q&A portion, it starts at the 23:00 minute mark! Enjoy the kid-gab! That's my friend Todd's wonderful son Caspar!

Reading at the Harvard Coop

That's right: this is me reading at the Harvard Coop, live from Harvard Square Cambridge. Check out this short video to see me read a good-sized chunk of JACK WAKES UP's first chapter. Enjoy! If you'd like to see a longer version of the reading, watch this video.


Live from the Lab - 5/31/09

What can you say now? Whoo! Video for this week!

I'm a little tired, but ready to hit the road in a couple days to come to NYC, Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Newton, all the goodness! I'm here today to show you a few highlights from the tour, bend your ear about the upcoming reading dates, a brief sense of the numbers and what work we still have to do... and you know, it's just me being myself and laying it all out with you guys for real.

Here's the link for the Free PDF to give your friends, you know where they can get the free audio content, and let's go do this, people! Word of mouth, grassroutes, and garage band style, we push and roll this boulder up that needle!

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