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#platform chat tomorrow

Friday 10/23 I'm doing a #platform chat with Christina Katz and April Hamilton, two of the great speakers I met at this year's Writers Digest Conference.

The event takes place--where else?--on Twitter at 11AM PST/2PM EST. You'll see it on Twitter. Now you know what it is. Find more info here.

Back in NYC: Writers Digest Conference

Next weekend, Sept 18-20, Writers Digest is hosting a conference in NYC called "The Business of Getting Published."

Scott Sigler and I are on the card for a presentation on Saturday morning and we're currently (whoo-ha!) featured on the front page of the conference's website: writersdigestconference.com

I'm proud to be appearing as a part of this fantastic event in a stellar lineup including Mike Shatzkin, Kassia Krozser, Kirk Biglione, Jane Friedman, Chris Brogan, and our own Byrd Leavell. See info about everyone here. This is sure to be a great event!

If you'd still like to register, you can do so here and get an extra $50 off by using the code S7Har. I hope I'll see some of you there!


New Fan

Hi Seth, See if you can follow the bouncing ball here...I'm Paul Capozza, Jason Barrios's brother in law. I'm married to Kari's sister Shana. Anyways, I was visiting Colorado over the summer and Kari gave me your book. I finally found time to read it and just finished it up the other night. Right up my alley! Really good read!! I read alot of action/mystery books. Clive Cussler, Harlan Coben, Carl Hiaasen to name a few. And JWU is right there with them. Really entertaining. Well I just thought I'd introduce myself and let you know I'm looking forward to more. I don't have much time to listen to books on tape/ipod so I will be anxiously waiting for a print version of JP2 and JP3. Take care, Paul My best to Joelle, been 20 years since I've seen her at J & K's wedding.

"The Harwood Method" Hits Jungle Red!!

Yes, the wonderful women of the Jungle Red Writers Blog, especially my long-time news hero Hank Phillippi Ryan from Boston, introduced their readers to "The Harwood Method" on Friday. I had a complete blast doing this interview with Hank after I got to meet her during my Boston reading swing through Newtonville Books. What a night!

As they say at Jungle Red, "Writing Well Is the Best Revenge!"

Many thanks to Rosemary Harris, Hallie Ephron, Rhys Bowen, Jan Brogan, Roberta Isleib, and Hank Phillippi Ryan for letting me stop by!

Hank and I talked about podcasting, JACK PALMS, Author Boot Camp, Boston Sports, how I landed with Three Rivers Press, and much more.

"You should have heard Seth Harwood at Newtonville Books (my local bookstore) when he started reading out loud from JACK WAKES UP. The roomful of people was silent. Listening. Riveted. It was so--cinematic--it was like watching a film.

"Turns out, Seth is all about how his books sound. Out loud. And is making a national name for himself not only for his incredibly well-received first novel, JACK WAKES UP, but for his innovative and wildly successful methods of promotion.

"Here's the scoop."

Read entire interview here...

Behind the Grammar with Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl)

In this podcast Mignon Fogarty, of Grammar Girl fame, stopped by to interview me for her new podcast, Behind the Grammar:

Listen up (download here) as we talk about:

* infinitives
* why JACK WAKES UP is a good book to read on a plane or on the beach
* what my writing and revision process are like
* why the book is in the present tense
* how I use diction and syntax to distinguish characters
* how I planned my book tour
* the pros and cons of BookScan
* new projects including Author Web 2.0 Boot Camp at Stanford and the CrimeWAV Podcast

Thanks so much to Mignon for having me stop by!

Reading from JACK WAKES UP: Mysteries to Die For

I'm happy to present in its entirety a recording of a reading I did this summer at Mysteries To Die For, the wonderful independent mystery bookshop in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Listen To/Download the Reading here

Bigtime thanks to the staff and customers of Mysteries to Die For for having me visit, Joelle for coming along, and Aldo "Mystery Dawg" Calcagno for showing me the way(s) around and about L.A.

This photo is actually from my reading at Murder By The Book in Houston, another awesome bookseller I visited this summer. Thanks to Shirley Bruce for taking the pic!


New Online Creative Writing Class at Stanford OWS

That's right: the registration for Stanford fall online creative writing classes is NOW LIVE!!

This fall I'm teaching The Gripping Read: Plot and Suspense for Fiction and Nonfiction. More info here: csp.stanford.edu

Class description follows here.

Blogs of the Week!

Lately I've been the recipient of some awesome reviews and blog entries on the web. So I want to take a minute to shout out these sites:

First up is this HOT OFF THE EARPHONE-PRESSES interview that P.G. Holyfield just *finally* dropped. Sure, we recorded it way back in July, but who's counting? Listen up, pilgrim.

Danny Machal's Blog: DannyMachal.com Up and coming podcast author gives super review!

AP Stephens throws it down at APStephens.com! He's hollering about the free PDF of JACK WAKES UP!

Andrew Jack, another up and comer, drops this review at AndrewJackWriting.com

I felt the love on the Dead Robots Society Podcast with P.G. Holyfield, Justin Macumber, Ryan Stevenson, and Terry Mixon. Thanks to them for having me on to do a super cool interview! Listen here.


Donnie Light talks it up in "21st Century Farmer's Market"

Finally... more Hot Tub to come... soon.

Harwood and Sigler spotted with Lindsay Lohan

Ozzy Sheraton reports this covert sighting of myself and fellow novelist Scott Sigler partying last weekend at an undisclosed San Francisco night club with Lindsay Lohan. You can bet this was the V.I.P. section, baby! No word yet on which of us went home with her.

If only I could remember anything that happened after I got there...

Hot Tub Cast™ 04: A Solution!

That's right! I got in the hot tub! (Direct Link to Episode. Listen here.)

Today I'm talking about how the book publishing industry could go forward, how it is completely different from either music or newspapers and what top execs might do to get around a possible Amazon or Apple takeover of the industry by monopolzing sales.

Let's call this: The Future of Books

I also cover some of your comments, feedback, my vacation, books I'm reading, and what's coming this fall in the way of new fiction on this site.

I talk about Tyler Dilts' excellent book A King of Infinite Space the next new crime novel podcast.

Promos: Inherited Danger by Brian Rathbone and Serving Worlds by John Mireau

See you soon!

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