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YOUNG JUNIUS - Episode 7 (and Google Map is here!)

Direct Link to Episode 7. Click here.

Yes, I'm BACK with a new episode to rock your socks until next week. Feast your ears!

I got a little whine/rant heavy this week at the end there, so take it with a grain. I'll be back with some good news next week to tip the scales. Pub Crawl in Berkeley. Info here. I also yak about the new Busted Caps and Inviting a Friend.

YOUNG JUNIUS - Episode 6

Click here to download Episode 6

If you'd like more info about and images of the Porter Square T station, have a look. I also think it's definitely time to get a Google Map going for YOUNG JUNIUS. Let's say it's on the way...  

Big news this week is that we now have an active participation feature, BUSTED CAPS! You get them for adding comments, forums threads, participating in the forums, and inviting friends to join

I'll especially give you the points and love if you invite a friend!

Have I mentioned that the folks who're most active on the site have the best chance of getting killed in Young Junius? It's true. You know you want to die!

Also, my mistake: please edit your profile and enter your location by clicking on My Account >> Edit >> Member Information. You will see the location text box at the top. I want to get everyone sorted by geography for future mailings about readings and appearances, but I only just enabled this field to be visible. We had it before, but... no one could see it. Nice, right?

More big stuff is that I'm turning 35 this week. Thursday. Mark your calendars with Sept 25th as your crime father's day of birth. This year I really turn into an adult... right? In keeping with this celebration, I will be out of internet communication and reach next weekend in near-seclusion with the vice president, Jane Gannon, and a vat of lobsters. Hence, it'll be two weeks before you get YJ-07. Sorry about that. Please talk amongst yourselves.

Promos this week: Randy Hinckley's The Naked Bootleg Podcast, and Emerian Rich's Horror Addicts.

Also SPECIAL THANKS goes out to Gary Johnson and Lee Dal Monte for production work on this episode and last week's too. 

YOUNG JUNIUS - Episode 5

Direct Link to Episode Lots to talk about this week: I give big thanks to Gary Johnson and Lee Dal Monte for production help, talk about how the writing is coming with future episodes, talk up the stuff on the site AND give a few highlights from my first ever Police ride-a-long. Feels like the kind of experience/research every crime writer should have. So I went and learned a lot as well as had a few rushes. It was actually pretty fun. So thanks to those who took me.


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