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Young Junius

Does Elf Live

Ok, just curious... I don't think Elf makes it out of the story alive. Somebody got to die, and I don't think its going to be his mom, so my #1 choice is Elf Anyone else?

Episode 5

So, who's listened to Episode 5 yet? I actually listened last Monday, but I've been swamped with work. Yeah, college will do that to you. A great episode, as always, and it was really cool to get more insight into Marlene as both a drug lord and a maternal figure to her people and looking out for them. Then, of course, we had the chase. Oh, man, the chase. That was some great, suspenseful literary action there. I don't have any clever questions for this week, at least not yet, so please, I'd love to see everybody jump in with some comments this week.

YOUNG JUNIUS - Episode 5

Direct Link to Episode Lots to talk about this week: I give big thanks to Gary Johnson and Lee Dal Monte for production help, talk about how the writing is coming with future episodes, talk up the stuff on the site AND give a few highlights from my first ever Police ride-a-long. Feels like the kind of experience/research every crime writer should have. So I went and learned a lot as well as had a few rushes. It was actually pretty fun. So thanks to those who took me. More on them soon. Promos this week from Martyn Darkly's Movie Mantras (sounds great) and Anatomy of Fear (you KNOW I'm listening!) Also, Scott Sigler's got a new episode of Nocturnal and I'm the Story So Far.

Episode 4!

We should totally get some weekly discussion in here, starting with this week... Young Junius, episode 4!It is with this episode that I'm finally proud to say that I'm 100% caught up with the Palms universe, and now I'm subscribed to the feed, waiting patiently for episode 5! Woo!So, prompts for this week's discussion:

1) Will Junius hit the bus, or will he sneak off and stay in Boston?

2) Is a war coming, and will Junius play a part?

3) What did you think of Seth's voice for Junius' mom?

4) Is there any hope for cross-promotion between Jack Palms and Jack Daniels?

My thoughts:

1) I find it odd that Seth would set a novel in his home turf, Boston, only to change the scenery a few chapters in. So I'm guessing Junius will hop off the bus and try to hide the fact he's still in town from his mom.

2) Yes, a war is coming (hinted at by both the text and Seth's choice of theme song), and of course Junius will be in the middle of the action!

3) Haha, no comment? Let's just say I think Sigler's got a little more experience in this department. It works for what it needs to be, though.

4) Who knows. The world of legalities is a weird one. I would have chalked the t-shirt up as "fair use" or "parody" anyway, but I guess it isn't. Any lawyers in the house?

YOUNG JUNIUS - Episode 4

Pic thanks to Tee MorrisPic thanks to Tee MorrisThanks to Tee Morris for this shot from the Pimps and Hos party at Dragon Con, hosted by Sigler and Terra.

Direct Link to Young Junius Episode 4 here. Direct link to all the dirt on anything that happened at Dragon Con here.

So this week we find P.G. Holyfield bringing us the Story So Far, me asking more folks to sign up on the site, and a promo for Nathan Lowell's awesome podiobook Quarter Share. I also talk up Dan Klass's Bitterest Pill podcast and rave about all the cool questions/discussion starting up on the forums!

Also, do me a favor and help spread the word about Young Junius around the 'sphere. Promo to spread.

I've also got more info on my ongoing discussions with Jack Daniels and a call for proposals of cross-promotional ideas between Jack Palms Crime and The Big Drunkmaker™. Let me know what you've got. 

And best of all, I'll be appearing at the Sonoma County Bookfestival on Sept. 20th and am planning a new-fangled Pub-Crawl/Dinner (less crawling, more sitting) here in Berkeley on 10/4 at Jupiter Bar, starting at 7PM. Word.

YOUNG JUNIUS - Episode 3

Yes, there I am at Dragon Con 2008. Good times, good times, sir. And I hate to say it, but I didn't get any pics of the Podiobooks/Pimps and Ho's party on Friday OR Saturday night. Someone out there must have some... oh well. Protect the guilty, I say.

Here's this week's episode of YOUNG JUNIUS (direct link). Rock it, love it. I'll have more info about D*Con next week as well as the nomination forms for the 09 Parseth Awards. We've got a lot of folks signed up already, but now we need MORE! This week: tell one or two of your friends to start checking out YOUNG JUNIUS.

Promos: Dan Klass - The Bitterest Pill and CC Chapman - Accident Hash!


Left: "That's Captain Package to you, American!!"

YOUNG JUNIUS - Episode 2

Young JuniusYoung JuniusThat's right, it's here, the second episode of YOUNG JUNIUS. This week Willie Stash makes a decision, Elf makes a choice, and Junius keeps going straight ahead. Marlene has a good view on what's happening in the towers.

Things I mention this week: Podiobooks.com where you can find lots of cool, free podcast novels, AND non-talky episodes of YOUNG JUNIUS (here). Signing up on Podiobooks is always free, never costs a thing, and never gets you any spam emails. Promise!

I talk more about my writing process on Young Junius, ask for your questions, and play a phone call I got from the lawyers at another Jack-named product line.

Call in at 206-350-4998 and rock it all week long. Register here on the site for special newsletters and early-release episodes. Also, check me at D*Con if you'll be there!


YOUNG JUNIUS - Episode 1


THIS IS IT!! (Direct episode Link) Episode 1 contains Ch. 1 and 2 of the novel

I am happy to bring you (from an exhausted Palms Father on the day after getting home from NME) the first episode of YOUNG JUNIUS!!

Yeah, I'm fully stoked about this book, this release and I've got a lot of big things planned for all of us for this fall. So be here, stay here, don't dare touch that browser. Register on the site, subscribe to the podcast feed and become a part of the Palms Nation!

K7 fan call this week from Randy Hinckley at The Naked Bootleg Podcast where he brings you all the news about College Football all season.

Good times at NME in Vegas this week. Pictures and news to come.

And have you checked out CrimeWAV yet?

For those of you who've already listened to the first chapter (the part previously released as a story at Storyglossia, CrimeWAV and Variant Frequencies), if you want to go right to chapter 2 it starts around the 26 minute mark. 

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