Blogs of the Week!

Lately I've been the recipient of some awesome reviews and blog entries on the web. So I want to take a minute to shout out these sites:

First up is this HOT OFF THE EARPHONE-PRESSES interview that P.G. Holyfield just *finally* dropped. Sure, we recorded it way back in July, but who's counting? Listen up, pilgrim.

Danny Machal's Blog: Up and coming podcast author gives super review!

AP Stephens throws it down at! He's hollering about the free PDF of JACK WAKES UP!

Andrew Jack, another up and comer, drops this review at

I felt the love on the Dead Robots Society Podcast with P.G. Holyfield, Justin Macumber, Ryan Stevenson, and Terry Mixon. Thanks to them for having me on to do a super cool interview! Listen here.


Donnie Light talks it up in "21st Century Farmer's Market"

Finally... more Hot Tub to come... soon.