Book Guys Interview and K7 Questions!

Okay okay! Yes, it's been too long since you called in and asked your K7 questions about In Broad Daylight! This goes without saying. My bad. Maximum.

But now I'm here, joined by Paul the Book Guy talking shop, Palms, action and yes, answering your K7 questions whether they're spoilers or not! So come on and give a listen!

Click here to download or listen to Book Guys Ep 40 - Palms Sunday

We're also joined on the show by Sir Jimmy and the amazing teenaged novelist Spencer Brokaw! This kid will knock your socks off! Check out his website: Spencer Brokaw's Web Site and get your copy of The Impenetrable Spy right here. He wrote it when he was ten. Damn! How many ten year olds do you know who can spell Impenetrable!?!?!

Thanks to everybody for being on the show, especially to Paul Alves for putting it together. Enjoy!