A Brief Pause in the Action

No 1 on Podiobooks!No 1 on Podiobooks!So this week, I've got a necessary pause in the podcast action. We're eight weeks in now and this spot to stop for a second makes a lot of sense.

1) I'm moving these next couple of weeks and that's got me a little crazed! and

2) I've been going strong weekly for two full months now and, you guessed it, it's a lot of work!

Here's a quick audio update, me telling you how I am, what's going on here, and talking to you from THE NEW OFFICE!

Click here to listen or download.

You'll hear me talk about THIS IS LIFE and its eBook progress on Kindle, Podiobooks.com and in Broad Daylight and... well some few things more. Enjoy!

Yes, things are good and going forward. Let's keep it together! 

--Your Boy


NO worries

Don't sweat it Seth, and don't sweat the jackasses in the other forums.

We'll be ready and waiting next week, meanwhile get that house set UP!



Podiobooks #1

Well this Podiobook Patron is very happy! :D


You deserve a break.

Plus gives me time to try and catch up with the story (i've fallen a little behind).

Hey, if you plan it just right those helicopters can be a free sound effect for your podcasts. Just gotta have more scenes that involve helicopters.