In Broad Daylight - Episode 3

Oh, wow! We're getting further into the story with Jess Harding this week as she finds another woman's body in addition to her own name in blood on Samantha Parker's kitchen walls! Can you handle it?

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In addition to the fiction this week, I talk about the hardcore and unbelievably fast success of the Kickstarter Campaign to preorder THIS IS LIFE. You guys totally ROCKED it! We reached the $4k funding mark in just over 24 hours and now we're still rolling as we rock our way through $5k and on! All funds will go to plenty more free content here on the web and more books hitting the marketplace! So preorder your copy now! Don't think the campaign's over just because we reached our minimum level. Oh, no!

I just got the hardcover in the mail today and it looks AWESOME! I talk about that on the show, why it's so pricey and how much I want to make sure you get one into your hands. I also drop many names of the awesome donors who ponied up first to get theirs! And I'll go further in the list next week. 

Next week sometime, I'll have an interview that my man John Mireau conducted this week and then on Thursday the 4th episode of In Broad Daylight for you! This next one, oh yeah, it's gonna rock you!