In Broad Daylight - Now in Print!

IN BROAD DAYLIGHT is out today! Listen here for my Short Audio Missive about the new release!

You can get it online from Amazon in Paperback and eBook, as well as signed copies at Borderlands Books (info here). I hope you'll pick up a copy!

There are THREE WAYS you can help me make this a big release:

1) Pick up a copy! Go ahead, for Kindle it's just five bucks!

2) Drop a sweet review of In Broad Daylight on Amazon or Goodreads. Do this only if you've already listened to the podcast or read a preview.

3) Help spread the word on social media! Spread links on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, etc. Rock and roll with me! Tell one person or fifty!

What else? Well, I'm holding a contest here all week (at least). Comment below to let me know which main character you'd like to see in the next book I write and/or tell me why YOU deserve a free, autographed copy of In Broad Daylight on your shelf. I'll be picking 3-5 winners soon!



Why I deserve a copy.

Cause, ya know, it's me.  Done everything I can to spread the works of Seth.  Still JACK PALMS on Xbox Live.  (And I remembered all caps when I spelled the man's name.)


Plus, I gave you a book last.  It's your turn.

Next main character

Hmm, which main character should you write in the next book. I was really captivated In Broad Daylight by the characterization, wonderful honesty, and down-to-earth saltiness of the character Sgt. Jeff Cope. Yeah, I think you should include him in the next book.

Oscar Linstrom

I want to see a young Oscar Linstrom!


I'd like a free, autographed copy of In Broad Daylight by Seth

Jack, of course.


I'd like a free copy so I could give it as a gift to a friend in need of a great read since I already ordered a copy for myself from THE MAN whose books never disappoint. 

Why I deserve a copy of this kickass novel.

Besides the fact that this cat is one huge PALMS DADDY, I spread the gospel according to Seth on the regular. I've even spoke about it as a work of literature that should be read in my English class at Sacramento City College.

So look out for me and hook me up, I've been hooked ever since I heard Young J about 3 or 4 years back.


Jess is the lady

I suggest that your next book continue the theme of In Broad Daylight with Jess as the main character. It will keep up the momentum you will gain with IBD's success - and also continue and grow your own maturity as a writer. I love Jack and enjoy Junius, but if you wish to become a serious and successful author, their limited vocabulary (know what I mean?)  restricts you and your readership to the genre. Jess Harding, on the other hand is a lady that can go places, and take you as an author along.

Why do I deserve a free copy? Well, I am your number 1 fan in Israel - and as tough as Jack is, you know that we Israelis are tougher - we know where are the red lines we set, and we enforce them. I'm an ex-pat Canadian, so am polite and nice; I've also been a long term loyal fan, believing in your successful future "self-actualized" as an author of quality; I offer friendly advice and in-depth suggestions like the above; I write e-mails to you with Yiddish in them; I am a schnorrer - always trying to get the most free stuff out of you, for which you once gave me a hard time, in print, on a website; I just turned 60 so need a consolation prize;  I lived in Canada's Arctic when my 4 kids were small, so appreciated your right-on depiction of the north and the type of people who live there; and I have a husky who I walk through the hills of the Galilee while listening to THE CRIMEWAV!

Great stuff!

Awesome comments, everybody! But who's got the Review love posted on Amazon yet? Come on, you gotta work for this! ;-)

I know, I know, Boychik already has his posted for IBD AND This Is Life! Bonus points for new reviews on YJ too. It needs em!

I wanna see

that skinny white bald guy who was trying to get some drugs in YOUNG JUNIUS, he was entertaining.

Kelly picks the winners!!

The lovely and wonderful Kelly Vogel, mother of Willa and love of my life, has just picked the three winners. She likes: Boychik, Nemesiso and Raphael!!

So, you fine fellows, YOU will be getting free copies! More to come and more audio from me soon!

Also, you know, if you're interested in hearing Kelly's new album, you can stream some of the songs and like her on Facebook here.

Yer boy,



Jess is not the lady - KELLY IS!

Great choices Kelly - especially of yours truly!

How about a picture of you and Willa?  No need to see Seth again, we know what he looks like - I hope for her sake that Willa looks like YOU!

Actually I am very happy and grateful that I will be receiving a free signed copy of Seth's book - one day before you know it, I'll be able to sell it on eBay for thousands of dollars!! Just joking - I'll keep it as a valued treasure and bequith it to my kids. No doubt that Seth is on the road to greatness - via hard work and your love.

Wishing all three of you happiness, good health and success!



The Boychik!


Sounds good to me.