Happy Palms Mommas Day!

Did you know the day after Mothers Day is now officially Palms Mommas Day? Sure is! Now you’ve heard.

I’m here to say a big thank you to all the lovely and wonderful Palms Mommas out there. Hello, thank you, and I’m thinking of you. Much, much love.

So what do you get that wonderful Palms Momma on your list? I can tell you about a couple of new and cool items in the SH Bookstore online. For every item purchased, I’ll refund $2 as a way of saying thanks. Thanks to you and to help you get that Palms Momma something nice.

First up, in The Name of Palms, we’ve got THIS IS LIFE and, for a limited time, Czechmate to put on your bookshelves.

Also the new in print A Long Way from Disney. This collection is a really big hit with all the mothers and mommas out there! Get yours a copy today and let me know how you want me to personalize her copy.

A few of you have been asking for me to sell audiobooks on the site. Well, I’ve finally done it. In Broad Daylight, featuring the ultimate Palms Momma—Jess Harding—is now available for sale as a big single download. It’s a folder of all the book’s audio files, trimmed just to one good, long listen. Grab a download today and put it in somebody’s ear—gently, and with love.

Thanks for your continued support and stay tuned. Lots more great stuff happening this spring and summer. Just around the corner.