Hot Tub Cast™ 06: Jenny Beanses Interview!

Hot Tub!! Haaiiiah!! Good gawd!! Got a girl in the Hot Tub! Hot Tub!


That's right: here's the link to downlaod this week's episode where I get freaky in the Tub with Jennifer Hudock (Jenny Beanses) to talk about writing, career goals for writers, who we've read coming up, her new podcast novel Goblin Market, the joy of the podcast author community, technical issues and stuff for the podcast author and... where she likes the jets! Don't worry: this episode is fully PG rated!

Also, the lady has some great BLOGS!!

Promos this episode: Paul Elard Cooley's superlative story collection Fiends! AND H.E. Roulo's new podcast novel Fractured Horizon!