JACK PALMS 3 - 13 (Lucky Numbah!!)

Yes!! Palms Sunday is Back!! (In the original, episode-releasing kind of way, not the Amazon-rushing, book buying sense.) *Gimme your love!* Direct link to Episode 13 Pop that in your ears: it's the second-to-last episode of JACK PALMS 3 -- "Your title here!" Don't forget to go vote for the title of your choice on the main page. Vote time: choose your favorite titles for JP3 AND the new crime stories podcast! I'll be down in LA this week, so if you want to try and hook up pub crawl style on Thurs night, drop me an email or call 206-350-4998. Word. SSF this week: Mike Bekemeyer of Scatterpod Podcast at 2Bpictures.com Promos this week: JC Hutchins - Obsidian Project Edward Talbot - New World Orders and those damn, frigging Parsec Awards (the spec-fic only awards!) know what? Go on there and nominate me with http://feeds.feedburner.com/sethharwood as the feed. Go ahead. Slam em with this year's top write-in candidate. Word. AND last but not least, it gives me great pleasure to play the promo for the world's 2ND crime fiction podcast, Jon Santlofer's Anatomy of Fear!! Check it out!