Jack's back... in print!! THIS IS LIFE is here!

Big News: THE STORE PAGE HAS ARRIVED!! Now you can buy my work here on the site, get it signed and shipped right to you. No middleman! This is what we've been waiting for!

To Kick it off, today I'm announcing that THIS IS LIFE is available IN PRINT!! Jack is BACK!! All editions include both THIS IS LIFE and CZECHMATE rolled together into an awesome new remix that I know you're gonna dig. They're also all personalized and mailed from right here in the lair. Get some!

You can get to my new store here Lots of books and goods there! 

I'm really pumped about the store and expect to release new content there monthly. Stay tuned! Upcoming you'll find:

  • Triad Death Match - in Print! With a hot new ending.
  • A Long Way from Disney - finally in print!
  • In Broad Daylight - first time ever in eBook or paper! 
  • And... the second batch of stories from ALWFD in both print and eBook. 

I can't wait to tell you more about what I'm working on now. Please be patient. I've still got some great K7 calls from people that I'll be releasing in a podcast soon. If you want to add your two yaps, call 206-350-4998.

LAST THING: If you're planning to buy Scott Sigler's new GFL Book, THE MVP, this Saturday for its big launch, use the code "SETH" to save yourself $3 on every book! That's just me looking out for ya! Want to know more about galactic football? Go here. 

Stay Criminal!