Junkie Winners & PW on In Broad Daylight

Have I shown you the new cover for In Broad Daylight? No, well damn! Here it is! What do you think? Comment below and you'll be entered to win an ARC of the book way before it comes out on May 7th!! That's right!

You can also drop by the book's Amazon page to Like it, Preorder, or have your way with it in any way you see fit. "Enjoy" both the Paperback page AND the Kindle version's.

But let's talk truth: today I'm here to announce the winner's of the Scott Sigler Royal MVP Turkey Text Free Book Giveaway for March 2013! On last week's episode of The MVP (you can check in at 4 min and 30 min if you want to jump right to him talking about me), No. 21, Scott talked up the new Thomas & Mercer releases of Young Junius and This Is Life, even offering up free copies of em in print! A bunch of folks entered by commenting there and... the winners are:

Jeepyster, Nimbus Jen and murle_the_girl!! Free copies go out to them very soon!

In other news, Publishers Weekly, the omnipresent trade mag of the review world, has weighed in on In Broad Daylight! "Diverting" they called it. See the full review after the break. -- And don't forget to comment here to be entered to win one copy of the IBD ARC! (who loves ya, baby?)


In Broad Daylight

Seth Harwood. Amazon/Thomas & Mercer, $14.95 trade paper (280p) ISBN 978-1-61109-972-0

At the outset of this diverting crime thriller from Harwood (Jack Wakes Up), FBI agent Jess Harding travels from San Francisco to Anchorage, Alaska, to investigate the murder of law clerk Samantha Parker, a U.S. senator’s daughter. All signs indicate that Parker’s death has the trademark of a serial killer whom Harding chased five years earlier. Harding’s hunt brings her to an isolated community of Russian Old Believers (“an old sect of the Russian Orthodoxy that split from the main strand in the seventeenth century”), who are displeased and distrustful, to say the least, when her questions wrench them out of their insular way of life. In the bewildering Alaskan wilderness, Harding has to rely on her colleague Oscar Linstrom, whose intentions, romantic or otherwise, are unclear. While the secrecy and remoteness of the bewitching Russian Old Believer community overshadows the mystery of the serial killer’s identity at times, readers will enjoy the ride through the land of the endless sun. (May 7)