In Broad Daylight Episode 2 - And Kickstarter Campaign is NOW LIVE!!

Preorders now live!Preorders now live!Here it is, folks: your EPISODE 2 of In Broad Daylight! Listen/download now. [Includes content from ep. 1.5]

But today's a HUGE day for another reason! As of right now, you can preorder your copies of THIS IS LIFE and help to fund future books from me to come out in the eBook and print marketplace. Today's the start of my Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for fixed costs to production. Want more info? Definitely! Check us out here at, your official home of the campaign.

Through this campaign, you can order:

  • Signed, numbered copies of THIS IS LIFE in paperback and hardcover
  • Get your name included in the acknowledgements of the book!
  • Appear in a book or a story
  • Advance copies of In Broad Daylight
  • Triad Death Match
  • A Long Way from Disney
  • AND... Jack Takes Off! That's right, it's the road trip book, finally coming your way!

So listen up to this week's episode, come visit the campaign page and get involved, tell your friends about it, Tweet it, Facebook it, all that Jazz!! Thank YOU for your support!

And let's enjoy this exciting day in the Jack Palms Nation!!


What what!

You know it, I got mine ordered!

Who's with me?


wish i had the money to do the higher level stuff, but i did get at least the $30 one. GOtta have This is Life in print.


Hope you guys enjoy episode 2!

In Broad Daylight #2

Just finished listening to the episode #2, good stuff.


Nemesis0, I am definitely digging on this.  the 1990s were all serial killers all the time, and it got a little old, but this has a nice smiith feeling.  Plus Alaska, right?  It's needs to be famous for something other Pailn!


Is definitely a good venue for this story. Very different then what i'm used to reading about.


You guys are both awesome! Love ya!

Yeah, visited Alaska for the first time this summer and LOVED it! Had to write it in.