New Fiction: Jordan in the Time of Cold War

Crime fans Unite! We're back with an all new story by *yer boy* Seth Harwood. Click here to listen to "Jordan in the Time of Cold War."

This story will be featured in the September issue of Crime Factory. Check out the August issue here and lots more from an awesome pulp online pub!!

I'm pumped to be back and have a lot of news to spread, including:

  1. The upcoming print release of JACK PALMS II: THIS IS LIFE!! It's coming your way in September through Kickstarter and then in October as an eBook and print release. Listen up for more on that.
  2. Lots of news/talk about this Kickstarter event, that's likely to start on Sept. 8!! Get ready to cop your low-number copies of the special edition JP2!
  3. In Broad Daylight - My new Jess Harding thriller/mystery about an FBI manhunt for a woman-chopping serial killer in Alaska! Starts Sept 1 and comes at you every week as a new, free podcast novel.
  4. My new Facebook Author page! Holla over there and give it some "Like" to stay tuned.
  5. What else? Listen up and find out. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

More from me in the coming weeks. For now, this is your boy... out! Also, I'd love to hear from you. Drop a line.