Seth Harwood's Celebrity Hot Tub Cast™ - 01

With respect to Eddie Murphy and the late, great James Brown, I happily bring you my first Hot Tub Cast™.

Direct link to download.

That's right: who else could you count on to go where no podcast has gone before, to break new ground in robe-wearing and coolness of the podcast industry? That's me. It's your boy. I can read the tea leaves with the best of them and my current tea leaves say: chill out! Take a kick back in this afternoon and see the view from your hot tub! (That's right, I sheepishly, with an odd pang of guilt, admit that I have one. It's Cali, baby! What do you expect?)

So here I am, waxing on the state of the publishing industry, upcoming events, and splashing around like the coolest of cucumbers! It's me.

Links in this show: David Lucero's new thriller The Sandman

Phoenix's own Teel McLanahan III, Modern Evil Press and the Untrue Tales from Beyond Fiction podcast/novel.

AND finally, the Podioracket podcast, where I'll be visiting for a LIVE interview on Tuesday July 21st, at 6PM PST. Be there! Please!

This podcast is sponsored by JACK WAKES UP, my visit to LA this Saturday, and the letter R.

For your viewing pleasure: