Sigler's ALL-PRO Goes Live!

Hey, I know you've heard of that dude Scott Sigler, right? Yeah, I know his writing stinks and you're not into that inter-galactic shit anyway... but... in case you don't feel that way, then head on over HERE to order his AWESOME new GFL book THE ALL-PRO today!

When you do, use the code SETH to save you some bucks!

That's right, you know you'll love it. That means you!!

Right on. Don't sweat the technique. Audio invitation to partake in this purchasing frenzy on the way soon.

Yer boy

(PS: Click on the last link to see the original booty butt-cheeks video.)


I love your marketing style

I love your marketing style here. Humor is always a good way to get people interested in what you are selling. I hope he does well on is book and I hope you continue to promote.

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Sigs? yeah

Thanks!! Will do.

Got mine on pre-order

Got mine on pre-order the first day. Now to wait till September.


Now if only we had a special edition of something from Seth Harwood to wait for too like last year with YOUNG JUNIUS along side Scott Sigler's THE STARTER.