Something fresh for your iPhone!

The Seth Harwood/Jack Palms/Young Junius/CrimeWAV iPhone App is now here! That's right, peeps, click on this to see what it's ALL about. $1.99 gets you the direct connect to anything that I stream down the pipe! 

This baby lets you stream all my content immediately, contact me via email, phone, twitter, facebook, add iPhone Wallpaper for the show... I mean it's DAMN COOL!!!

So give it a look-see. You know I got it. You know I'm trying to see how it works and... know what? It's super cool! Thanks to the good people at Wizzard Media for putting this together.

Get it, pop it, and now you can count down to the YJ Special Edition Launch in STYLE...

Plus, we got Twitter and Facebook Avatars, new YOUNG JUNIUS Evangelism, and so much more coming at you soon... including some new audio chapters from the YJ revision and