This Week in JACK PALMS Crime

Unfortunately, this episode is not the much-anticipated Episode 13 of JACK PALMS 3 - Your Title Here. What I have for you is an explanation (brief) on why I'm so beat, when the next episode of JP3 will be out, and when Joelle/Jane Gannon will be back in top form. We're like the NBA playoffs around here: beat up, tired, but digging deep to keep bringing all the good stuff for as long as we can. No going home for us. And oh, another way we're like the playoffs is there's lots of Celtics gear getting worn around here. Got a few K7 calls from some of you guys, some new suggestions for the title of the crime stories podcast project. Also the promise of the voting section/poll for the title of JP3 to come VERY soon. AND, I explain a bit about the writing process and what's happening with the end of JP3. Believe me, when it's said and done, this little bit of respite to get my ducks in a row and do my best recording will definitely be well worth the brief pain. Thanks for your support! Sign up on the new site, oK? Yer boy--Seth