YOUNG JUNIUS Special Edition Evangelism

Evangelism/Street Team/Getting the Word Out

YOUNG JUNIUS is coming … and YOU are on the street, selling the book like the crack that Clarence smokes. YOU are a member of the PALMS FAMILY, the roughest, coolest, most vocal online motherfuckers around. YOU will take the YJ Special Edition to the streets. Your mission: become a pusher and get the word out. Mobilize. Strategize. Evangelize.

If you push the product, you’ll get your name listed on this page and receive an special YJ-Pusher Certificate to proudly print, or post online.

But to get your recognition, you must email Seth with reports of your pushing (how/where/when) to be listed here as either a Corner Kid, Rank Soldier or Stone-Cold Seller.

Here are things you can do to help us spread the word and make this launch BIG:

Corner Kids

1) Have you signed up here on the site? Be sure you do to receive special emails letting you know about the launch as well as other nice tidbits of info on my podcasts and books.

2) Join the Palms Family Facebook Group. We have a special Facebook event set up there to announce this release. Mark yourself as an attendant and please post event to your profile. Invite your friends!

If you do these two things, you are a Corner Kid.

Rank Soldier

Yep, it gets harder here. To reach this level, you gotta get busy.

You use twitter? Follow me? Cool! Now, let's get into this... 


Sell that rock to your peeps with these avatars. Use them in your Twitter, Facebook and LiveJournal profiles … and beyond. If people ask about where you got it, send ‘em to your boy! Click any of the images above to download a .zip file containing all four avatars.


Stone Cold Sellers

You want to bust out and get Stone Cold? Then you have to really shake it. Your time commitment is greater … and your business, more lucrative. Shaking it only happens with consistency. Bust into the tools below and then send Seth an email.


If you're a Twitter junkie, take your product to the tweetstream. Commit yourself to tweeting at least once a day:

You can Tweet links to this page for people to come get all their info, Tweet links to the Facebook Event, tell your friends you're excited for Cinco de Junius. Here are some examples you can take to use:

Once you go crack, you’ll never go back. That's what Clarence said! Get your copy of YOUNG JUNIUS on on 10/18/10 #junius

Get your hands on a copy of @sethharwood and @tyrusbooks 's YOUNG JUNIUS on 10-18  #junius

 Want to know how one young man started on the path to become Junius Ponds? Jack woke up, but Junius was MADE! #junius

You see the pattern here? That's right: #junius is the official Twitter hashtag for this event!


Are you a Facebook super user? Sling that hash --and endorse the book-- to your friends and family. Commit yourself to posting once a week:

In 1987, on the cold Cambridge streets, one young man faces two rival crews in the world of three twenty-story project towers. YOUNG JUNIUS from Tyrus Books. Oct. 18th, 2010

Once you go crack, you never go back. YOUNG JUNIUS from Tyrus Books. Oct. 18th, 2010

ALSO join us for the LIVE SHOW on YOUNG MONDAY at Podioracket! It goes down Oct 18th at 6PM PST via Blog Talk Radio. We rep this piece! Book giveaways and more on the show! Talk to me live!


Hey, think you can help me go further? Got ideas for me? Let me know!