Introducing YOUR Young Wednesday!!

Welcome to YOUR Young Wednesday!

As you all know, back on 10/18, Young Monday had to be postponed due to a lack of availability of YOUNG JUNIUS. Well, now it's widely out and available everywhere fine books are sold!! So let's green light this baby and rush it up the charts, buy some copies, and/or spread the good word to all we know!

The best way to help is to visit here often, send your friends over, Tweet about the book and post updates to your Facebook profile. For those less techy, there's very little as valuable as a good Amazon review, so please head here and write up a 5-star winner!

If you'd like to buy the book, which I hope you will (Big thanks to those who have already), you'll find a list of places online and local booksellers to get it on the left-hand side of this page. Whether you buy hardcover, paperback or support Amazon, B&N or your local favorite (find one on IndieBound if you don't have one) I'm just pleased that you and yours will have the book.

As always, you can get me to sign a copy if you buy it from one of these two stores close by my abode.

And that's all, folks, I'll be back Wednesday wherever you like to find me, marching on, pushing the needle, and shaking the foundation!

Thanks for your support!

PS: I'm coming to the East Coast!! I'll be in Cambridge, MA on 11/2, NYC on 11/3, and in Philly for Noircon on 11/4 and 11/5. More info here. Hope I'll see ya!

Podioracket Live Call-in Interview

First off, you gotta check out this week's live YOUNG JUNIUS interview hosted by Podioracket pros Rhonda Carpenter and Brian Rathbone. Brian's book Call of the Herald is currently kicking some serious ass over at the Kindle store, and Rhonda's always busting it up the Podiobooks charts with her Mark of a Druid!

Click here to listen now or download this show.

This show features my own mother, Shah "The Real Young Junius" Anderson, lots of original Palms Daddies and Mommas calling in, and tons of awesome! Check it, check it, and enjoy.

I've also got a great Young Junius special edition video from David Heyes right here:

Fact is, this'll have to tide you over for a while because this week's episode of Triad Death Match is postponed due to... an old friend's Bachelor Party in Vegas. Can you blame me? Priorities, I tell you.


YJ-MontanaYJ-MontanaOk, soldiers, thanks much much for joining the ranks! Right now, YJ isn't available in stores or on Amazon so we have to wait a pinch.

You can pre-order the book now on Amazon or, what's better, is to visit/call/email your local bookstore and library to make sure they've got the book on order and are planning on getting it in.

I really appreciate your support! More soon from the general, et al.

Thanks and I hope to see you/talk with you on tonight's Podioracket live call-in show at 6PM PST/9 EST. Call in is 347-996-3319. site is

Yer boy,


PS: Special editions are in the mail and Tweets/free PDF copies of the book are hitting! Spread the love! You can find the full book via my boys J.C. Hutchins and Scott Sigler

Triad Death Match - Episode 3

Me n the Special EditionsMe n the Special EditionsExciting! The Special Edition copies of YOUNG JUNIUS have been signed, shipped and are on their way to YOU! Lemme know when you get 'em. I can't wait to hear what you think and see your pictures with 'em.

Today I've got all new ideas about YOUNG MONDAY. Check it out on today's episode of TRIAD DEATH MATCH (listen here) as I explain why we should back off on our rush for tomorrow. It's true.

Books just aren't in stores enough yet, so the bombardment has to be pushed back. BUT, you can help things now by

1) stopping by your local bookstore (or calling / emailing / facebooking) to be sure they're planning to stock YOUNG JUNIUS.

2) ask your local library to stock it too!

What's more, you'll be getting the Free PDF of the whole book tomorrow on a number of sites and I'm still doing the LIVE call-in show tomorrow night on Call in at or join the live chatroom here! We start at 6PM PST and 9PM EST. Phone is 347-996-3319. See you/speak to you then! 

Raise a Racket on Monday!! LIVE!

With YOUNG MONDAY in THREE DAYS and YJ still not available for sale at, it's unclear what we'll be able to do. If nothing else, we'll be rocking the social networks to get the word out about the book's impending release. Cross yer fingers that it's up on Amazon so you can drop your reviews! 

Also, Monday is a great day to hit YOUR local Bookstore and Library to make sure they've ordered the novel. You with me? Yep.

On top of that, Rhonda Carpenter and the crew over at Podio are hosting a live call-in podcast broadcast (with chat room) on Monday at 6PM PST and 9 EST. Join us live with your questions, text chats, and all of it! We'll also be giving away free copies of my books!

I can't wait! Can you? These are always a ton of fun.

Here's the dope-man addicts link to the show. Be there!

And while we're at it, here's a hit of the YJ Avatars for you to pick up out of the feed-box! Enjoy 'em and use 'em wisely (meaning everywhere)!! For more info on these, read The Evangelism Page.

Special Editions ARRIVE!! (video)

Click here to view in a separate window or to download this video. Enjoy!

Yesterday the new copies of the special edition arrived. I'll be signing all day today and can't WAIT for these babies to land in your hands!

Special thanks to Sachill Pages for the music!

Triad Death Match - Episode 2 NOW!!

We're back! Not late, not ever and always delivering the best of the best audio goods directly to your ears. Not for kids, not without earmuffs, and never in a mini-van.

Click here to listen or download today's episode of Triad Death Match.

In addition to 28 minutes of kick-ass story, I also talk this week about YOUNG MONDAY, the big push day for YJ, a new review of the book that just came out in Booklist, how you can get signed copies of the new release mailed to you, avatars for you to bang and rock solidly, and finally the big Podioracket show that'll wrap up (sort of) YOUNG MONDAY at 9PM EST and 6PM PST. So be there to talk it up with your boy and throw down in the chat rooms!

You heard? Listen now.

Booklist Reviews YOUNG JUNIUS

After his older brother is gunned down, six-foot-three-inch, 14-year-old Junius sets his heart on vengeance and makes for the Rindge Towers, a three-building slum uneasily shared by two rival pushers. What starts as a narrative limited to the point-of-view of the remorseless teen widens—and widens and widens—until it encompasses a huge cast of characters, including kids, cops, and a legion of small-time thugs. Harwood’s cutaway view of a single bloody day in a housing project is an impressive feat, undercut only by the sameness of some of the warriors, who come fast and furious with names like Big Pickup, Black Jesus, and Seven Heaven. Despite these monikers, there’s nothing cartoonish about the story, which powers forward with a blunt and violent vulgarity: “He pushed the door open and headed out to see what the fuck.” There is a mystery here—who really pulled the trigger on Junius’ bro?—but the point is clearly the bad-versus-worse decisions brought on by bloodlust. Given the characters’ brutality, Harwood’s empathy runs deeply indeed. --Daniel Kraus

So last time out, with Jack Wakes Up, I only got a single trade review--Publishers Weekly. Now, Booklist follows the superlative review of YOUNG JUNIUS in Publishers Weekly (see post) with one of their own. 

There's ups and downs here, "Big Pickup" not a great name?? But this one comes firmly down on the good side of things. Here's how my agent, Stacia Decker, truncated the news:

"Harwood’s cutaway view of a single bloody day in a housing project is an impressive feat . . . Harwood’s empathy runs deeply indeed." -- Booklist on YOUNG JUNIUS

For the full review, you can see it on the YJ Amazon page for the book or... read on after the break...

Word by Word interview - Young Junius

Thanks to Gil Mansergh for having me on his literature talk show Word by Word this month! This show aired Wednesday, October 6th on KRCB, Sonoma's NPR station. You can find more from KRCB here.

I'm happy to pass this 60 minute discussion of YOUNG JUNIUS on to you guys. In it, I read a few bits from Jack Wakes Up and sections of YOUNG JUNIUS. The new book comes out next week and you know we rock YOUNG MONDAY on 10-18.

Direct link to listen to or download the full interview. Enjoy!

If you're in the Bay Area, I hope you'll come out to see me tomorrow night (Friday 10/8) at A Great Good Place for Books at 7PM in Oakland. more soon! Keep rocking!



YJ PDF serialization rolls on...

What more can I say...

As we continue to roll forward toward YOUNG MONDAY on 10/18, I'm kicking out more content than just TDM episodes. I'm also giving out serialized PDFs from the new Young Junius. Here, today is totally new content: Chapters 5 and 6 just for you! Enjoy!

Check back here regularly to see when new posts go up ever day or two. You can also see them hit my wall as it happens over at Facebook or Twitter! Holla!

I've also got new Avatars for you to use over on your own profiles for these blessed sites. Kick 'em here.

Thanks and good luck!

Also got a reading this Friday in Oakland! You gone be there?

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