It's here!! / Go get 'em!

If, for some crazy reason, you were waiting for my go-ahead to run out and buy YOUNG JUNIUS, consider this it!

Hit your local bookstore, mall, favorite website, library, whatever! In any and all ways you like to buy books, go out and get you some Junius! Go on. I'll wait.

Triad Death Match - Episode 3

Exciting! The Special Edition copies of YOUNG JUNIUS have been signed, shipped and are on their way to YOU! Lemme know when you get 'em. I can't wait to hear what you think and see your pictures with 'em.

Today I've got all new ideas about YOUNG MONDAY. Check it out on today's episode of TRIAD DEATH MATCH (listen here) as I explain why we should back off on our rush for tomorrow. It's true.

Booklist Reviews YOUNG JUNIUS

After his older brother is gunned down, six-foot-three-inch, 14-year-old Junius sets his heart on vengeance and makes for the Rindge Towers, a three-building slum uneasily shared by two rival pushers. What starts as a narrative limited to the point-of-view of the remorseless teen widens—and widens and widens—until it encompasses a huge cast of characters, including kids, cops, and a legion of small-time thugs. Harwood’s cutaway view of a single bloody day in a housing project is an impressive feat, undercut only by the sameness of some of the warriors, who come fast and furious with names like Big Pickup, Black Jesus, and Seven Heaven. Despite these monikers, there’s nothing cartoonish about the story, which powers forward with a blunt and violent vulgarity: “He pushed the door open and headed out to see what the fuck.” There is a mystery here—who really pulled the trigger on Junius’ bro?—but the point is clearly the bad-versus-worse decisions brought on by bloodlust. Given the characters’ brutality, Harwood’s empathy runs deeply indeed. --Daniel Kraus

So last time out, with Jack Wakes Up, I only got a single trade review--Publishers Weekly. Now, Booklist follows the superlative review of YOUNG JUNIUS in Publishers Weekly (see post) with one of their own. 

There's ups and downs here, "Big Pickup" not a great name?? But this one comes firmly down on the good side of things. Here's how my agent, Stacia Decker, truncated the news:

"Harwood’s cutaway view of a single bloody day in a housing project is an impressive feat . . . Harwood’s empathy runs deeply indeed." -- Booklist on YOUNG JUNIUS

For the full review, you can see it on the YJ Amazon page for the book or... read on after the break...

Word by Word interview - Young Junius

Thanks to Gil Mansergh for having me on his literature talk show Word by Word this month! This show aired Wednesday, October 6th on KRCB, Sonoma's NPR station. You can find more from KRCB here.

I'm happy to pass this 60 minute discussion of YOUNG JUNIUS on to you guys. In it, I read a few bits from Jack Wakes Up and sections of YOUNG JUNIUS. The new book comes out next week and you know we rock YOUNG MONDAY on 10-18.


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