CrimeWAV bonus content!

Been too long since I've posted any sound content to come at you in the head piece, so I'm turning over a CrimeWAV leaf for you guys today.

Hear me talk about the deadline coming for your Young Junius Special Edition purchase [it's July 31st!!!] and Part 1 of Jason Duke's awesome novella Phoenix Nightlife!

This one's gonna knock your hat off!

Click here to download/listen to Part 1 of Phoenix Nightlife by Jason Duke

Sgt. Jason DukeSgt. Jason Duke


Mikael Blomkvist is my homeboy!

More Action than JacksonMore Action than JacksonThat's right, say it, accept it, believe it. Everyone you know is reading the Stieg Larsson "Girl Who..." novels this year. Yes, they're crime/mystery; yes, they're good; yes, they're filled with hilarious street and town names and characters who fell out of the consonant factory too early.

Anyway, I'm here to say it up front: Mikael Blomkvist is a bronze god of writer-mojo idealism! And, he's definitely my homie. I'm making a bracelet that says WWBD (What Would Blomkvist Do).

The answer, as some of you have already pointed out on facebook and other sites is to schtup everything that walks. I could handle this in book one when he basically worked his way through the female characters in the book, handle this when he did clean up in book two by finishing off the job on the one woman he hadn't slept with in book one. But now, in book 3 (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest), Larsson has elevated him to god status. Ridiculous? Very. Funny. Yes.

NEWS: ABC class online and YJ Special Edition Cutoff

I'm back with two pieces of news:

1) the Young Junius Special Edition pre-orders will come to an end on July 31st. Order now or forever be left out in the cold. When 7/31 comes there are no more orders!

2) The Author Boot Camp class is finally coming to a fully-online format. Starting 7/22, I'll be running the first 4-week class on Podcasting to Platform. More info is here as well as this free 30-min webinar on the course content. Give it a watch! FREE!

Much more info on the class is here.

Otherwise, Africa was amazing, lots of great pics (some here on my facebook page), I'm back and working hard on revision/edits/writing, and we'll be back to give you more CrimeWAV content soon.

'nuff said!


I am BACK!

Strictly Business AttireStrictly Business AttireYes, I'm back from a wonderful trip abroad to Tanzania! It was awesome!

What am I up to now? Working on Young Junius and Jack Palms II, of course!

And more...

Stay tuned for further info and trip re-cap coming soon.

Online Webinar on Podcasting -- Tomorrow!!

For those of you who've been looking for an online class on how to use
podcasting and free serialized audiobooks to create or increase your online
presence and fanbase, tomorrow's webinar is the first step in my partnership
with Writer's Digest to make this course material and content available.

I hope you'll join me for this live 75-minute webinar that goes over
everything you need to know to get your feet in the water and start building
your content and fan platform!

Here's the link to more info:

I'll also be following this webinar with a two four-week online courses
starting later in the summer. The first will cover how to create your audio
episodes for podcasting. It starts on Monday July 19th. I'll be back soon
with more on how/where you can sign up.

Hope you're having a great summer!

Hot Tub Cast™ for 5-24 Eeeeeyyee.. Pobrecito!

Omar SuarezOmar SuarezYou wanna be a big man, eh? Make big bucks?

Well, you can’t knock the hustle.

In this hot tub cast (click here to listen), I’ll talk about the YJ special edition preorder launch, including numbers, and all about the revision/edits I’ve been doing on Young Junius. Got some big stats to share with you. Hope you’re excited to hear ‘em! I’ll also be talking about my upcoming trip away from the mic, the desk, and out of the country to visit lovely Tanzania! Yep. Listen here!

Did not include this: I'm going to Tanzania with my father and sister. My dad is an anthropologist (retired) who did his fieldwork in Tanzania with the Safwa in the late 60s. (Book Here.) So we're going back to check it out some 40-something years later. Can't wait!

Actually, my Dad does sort of look like Omar Suarez (with a mustache and white hair).

Stats on Young Junius revision: Original draft: 134,768 words. Revised draft by agent 127,867 words. New revision by me: 107,553 words over 92 chapters. Getting there! Holla!

Newspaper Coverage in SF Chronicle!

In the old days - which, in this case, you might define as "two years ago" - getting your book published would entail finding an agent, sending it off to publishing houses like Random House or, when that failed, paying a vanity press to put the thing in print.

All of that has changed, thanks to radical shifts in the publishing industry and, oh yeah, the Internet.

Here are some examples of how a few Bay Area authors recently got into print:

Berkeley author Seth Harwood, who teaches writing and literature at Stanford University and City College of San Francisco, wrote his first book, the gritty crime novel "Jack Wakes Up," in 2005. He began posting 50-minute podcast episodes from it on in 2006, establishing a marketing platform for his work. He made a print-on-demand deal with Breakneck Books in March 2008, and then Three Rivers Press, an imprint of Random House, scooped him up and published the book in May 2009.

Read more here: Http://

CrimeWAV 57: Every Dog by Richard Katz

Time for "Every Dog" by MY BOY Rich Katz (aka Rafael--look for his name in Young Junius this fall). Rich has been a long time Palms Daddy, CrimeWAV fan and has recently started working his tail off on good crime short stories!

Listen to Every Dog here. (Click to listen.)

Rich took my online Crime Fiction class at Stanford last winter and did some awesome work! Check his last story, Ep 37's The Oath for hard proof. If you'd like to take a crime fiction class with me and live in the Bay Area, come out for Crafting Successful Crime Fiction from 6/24 to the end of July in Palo Alto! Promises to be a lot of fun!

Rich Katz lives in Scottsdale, AZ. He's worked as a deliveryman, salesman, rock drummer, speech and language clinician, researcher, college lecturer and administrator. "Every Dog" was previously published in "A Twist of Noir." Read here.

Last up, you'll find a promo for Shawn Lewis and his new free podcast novel The Wolf of Man. Check it out!! If YOU'D like to find out more about how to podcast your work, consider taking this online webinar I'll be giving on 6/24: Podcast Your Fiction LIVE! (Through Writer's Digest.)

Hot Tub Cast™: Interview with PG Holyfield!

Click here now to listen to this episode!

This is the interview special featuring none other than the man of the hour, PG Holyfield! Not only is Murder at Avedon Hill a perrenial podcast fiction favorite, but now it's coming to print Saturday!!

Be there with PG Thursday night for a hot Podioracket interview at 9PM EST (the awesome Rhonda Carpenter included) and then hit the buy button at this Saturday at noon EST as MaAH makes its rush up the charts!

THIS is the Amazon link for Murder at Avedon Hill.

Can you dig it? Seriously, this book is awesome and the rush event will be sweet!

See PG's site here for more info: or watch him on live video Saturday HERE!

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