Hot Tub Cast™ 11: Kindle Rush, Contest and Happy New Year!

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I'm back in the Hot Tub today waxing nostalgic about the fact that the decade is ending and that Y2K was ten years ago. I talk about the A Long Way from Disney Kindle rush that went on this week, some of the milestones it reached and my holidays. I also unveil a new Kindle Promo: The Contest!

Kindle Rush Day 2: Updates!

So I'm now into DAY 2 of this ALWFD Kindle rush. Here's what I'm observing:

1) the Kindle bestseller charts seem to be VERY long lag, meaning that I think they're heavily weighted to sales over a large number of hours--you can't sell 100 books in an hour and climb to the top. Seems like past days' sales are even taken into account.

Therefore, my number is STILL on the rise! I'm currently sitting at No. 255 overall in books, almost 30 hours after I started the rush. This is the highest I've gotten yet and (despite the sleeping hours) I've been climbing steadily the whole way. So make of that what you will.

2) There are a ton of public domain classics on the tops of the list that are free. These will always be hard to displace. Some new releases are free too.

3) The big point that's still worth mentioning is that people DON'T need a Kindle to buy the collection (that and the fact that it's only 99 cents!). People can download software for their PC here or iPhone/iPod Touch here to read Kindle books. From there it's a snap to buy the collection here:


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