Your spot for signed copies: Borderlands Books!

Hello Palms Family! As we have in the past, I'll be setting up a go-to spot again for you to order SIGNED COPIES of the latest release. This time, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT from Thomas & Mercer Press is available in signed, inscribed or lipstick-kissed paperback copies from Borderlands Books!

Here's how you can order, thanks to Borderlands' own Jude Feldman. 

Borderlands would be happy to set up your order for IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. The book is a trade paperback, and costs $14.95. Typically, an "autographed" book just has the author's signature, and an "inscribed" book is personalized in whatever fashion you wish and then signed by the author. (The price is the same for an unsigned, signed, or inscribed book, and Seth is happy to do inscriptions.) We will ship out copies just as soon as they've arrived and Seth has had a chance to sign them.

We just need to know the following from you: [READ ON]

Booklist on In Broad Daylight

This one leans pretty heavily toward plot summary, with a silent but violent kick at the end. See what you think of it:

Booklist Online Exclusive

In Broad Daylight - Seth Harwood - Thomas & Mercer, May 7th

FBI agent Jess Harding is called back to Anchorage when the savage serial killer she tracked five years ago resurfaces. The killer only strikes during Alaska’s light-filled summer nights, writing messages for all to see in the victims’ blood. The killer tips his hand this time, hiring a local thug to slash Harding’s palm in the same way that an isolated community of Russian Old Believers mark the wrongdoers in their clan. Harding gains the trust of one young woman who believes the killer may have been exiled from their village years ago. From a local sketch artist to the Interpol database, Harding races to identify a killer who has already set his sights on her. Harwood (Young Junius, 2010) has created a driven and believable protagonist. Unfortunately, the killer’s motivation is never adequately revealed, leaving the reader a little let down at the end of the pulse-pounding, climactic chase scene.

For some reason, they bolded the bold part themselves. So I guess that's the takeaway. I just tell everyone: "Harwood has created a driven and belivable protagonist." --Booklist   and then leave it at that, right?

Hope you're ready to give it a kick-butt review once it's live on Amazon here on 5/7. Rocka! Preorders open now and autograph copy ordering coming SOON!


New CrimeWAV and IBD arc winners announced!

Hey hey hey!! Check it out: I've got a new episode of the CrimeWAV up here featuring longtime friend of the podcast Jedidiah Ayres (host of Noir at the Bar) and his story "Mahogany and Monogamy." I swear this is one of the best stories I've heard in a while! Also reason to listen: I announce the winners of the new In Broad Daylight ARC contest from the entries here

Jed's newest publication is the novella Fierce Bitches, available here.

Check it out, give a listen, and enjoy! -yer boy, out.

Junkie Winners & PW on In Broad Daylight

IBD Cover-click to enlargeIBD Cover-click to enlargeHave I shown you the new cover for In Broad Daylight? No, well damn! Here it is! What do you think? Comment below and you'll be entered to win an ARC of the book way before it comes out on May 7th!! That's right!

You can also drop by the book's Amazon page to Like it, Preorder, or have your way with it in any way you see fit. "Enjoy" both the Paperback page AND the Kindle version's.

But let's talk truth: today I'm here to announce the winner's of the Scott Sigler Royal MVP Turkey Text Free Book Giveaway for March 2013! On last week's episode of The MVP (you can check in at 4 min and 30 min if you want to jump right to him talking about me), No. 21, Scott talked up the new Thomas & Mercer releases of Young Junius and This Is Life, even offering up free copies of em in print! A bunch of folks entered by commenting there and... the winners are:

Jeepyster, Nimbus Jen and murle_the_girl!! Free copies go out to them very soon!

In other news, Publishers Weekly, the omnipresent trade mag of the review world, has weighed in on In Broad Daylight! "Diverting" they called it. See the full review after the break. -- And don't forget to comment here to be entered to win one copy of the IBD ARC! (who loves ya, baby?)

New Editions AND the NEW ADDITION!

That's Willa Evelyn Harwood in the middle.

Lately I've been spending a fair amount of time pondering the difference between the words "edition" and "addition." Today they come into play like never before as Thomas & Mercer publishing releases new editions of both THIS IS LIFE and YOUNG JUNIUS. In no small part this is due to your support! I thank you once again for all your patronage and assistance in making my writing career a reality. I'm super excited about working together and the new opportunities this partnership involves--basically, Thomas & Mercer is a publishing wing of Amazon and they'll be using powers of the mighty sales site to promot and merchandize the book.

On the other hand, there's an addition that I'm even more proud of: that's my little girl, Willa Evelyn Harwood, who was three weeks old yesterday! (Her birthday is 1/28.) She's gaining weight, healthy as any parent could ask for and seems *very* advanced for her age (not my words)! I'm pretty sure she'll be reading within the month. (Kidding.)

If I may be so bold as to ask you for another favor, please help me to spread the word about This Is LIfe and Young Junius. You've likely bought them before. Now a good review, a Fb "Like" or a word to your friends can do so much! I'll be announcing new giveaways in the days and weeks to come. I look forward to your participation. As always, I'm also happy to sign your copies. Just drop a line and ask me. 

More audio, CrimeWAV stories and dispatches from Palms Nation to come. As always, I'm yer boy.

One Week to New Releases, Palms Baby Addition AND new CrimeWAV now!

First things first: here in the Palms Universe, there is a new addition -- a Palms Baby! Little Willa Evelyn Harwood has arrived. You can see some pics of her and geek out with me here on Facebook. Fatherhood? It's absolutely awesome and amazing. You already knew that? Yeah, I know you did.

What's more, in less than a week, Thomas & Mercer releases YOUNG JUNIUS and THIS IS LIFE -- both on Feb 19. Depending on how you look at it, either your faves are now out for you to read, share with your friends and review online, OR they're back from a new publisher to jump all over the Amazon charts. Either way, they'll be here soon! Snap 'em up, tell your friends, review, all that goodness!

I'll be back on Tuesday to give you more news and touch base, but for now here is Richie Narvaez giving you his new story "Ibarra Goes Down" from CrimeWAV! Click here to download or listen to "Ibarra Goes Down." Enjoy it!

If you'd like to enter on Goodreads to win a copy of THIS IS LIFE, follow this link. Good luck! 

Please tell your friends about the new releases and help to spread the word however you can. Thank you for helping to make it all a reality! --yer boy!

Back to the WAV! Jed Ayres reads "Hoosier Daddy!"

The CrimeWAV and therefore your boy Seth Harwood are both BACK!!

As Rakim says, "it's been a long time." And it has.

Apologies about that fade-ish-ness. But here things are again: me (Your friendly neighborhood Future Urban Crime Kingpin), a story (in this case Hoosier Daddy by Jed Ayres), and You. The three of us together at long last.

So grab your ear buds, pop 'em in that iPhone which now likely streams our stuff without any troublesome downloading and... click on the following link:

Jedidiah Ayres reads "Hoosier Daddy." -- Click here to listen or download. 

Jedidiah Ayres is the author of the collection A F*ckload of Shorts and Fierce Bitches (due in early 2013). He is also co-editor of the anthologies Noir at the Bar volumes 1 & 2 and D*CKED: Dark Fiction Inspired By Dick Cheney. Find him at his blog Hardboiled Wonderland

Bouchercon Bound!

Hey there! Tomorrow night, 10/4/12 I'm flying out of SFO bound for CLEVELAND and this year's Bouchercon Conference The World Crime and Mystery Convention.

On Friday afternoon, I'll be appearing on the panel "Morality in Crime Fiction" (Fri 2:45-3:35) led by Ali Karim and featuring some great authors! More on that here at Ali's blog.  The complete listing of scheduled events and panels is here. Enjoy the con!

If you'll be there, I hope you'll come find me and say hi. If you want to meet up, email me or hit me on Twitter/Facebook.  -- Yer Boy!!

20-Minute Discussion on Writing and Craft

Couple of weeks back I had this conversation with Brion and Dave of the Roundtable Writers Podcast. We covered a lot of ground (see minutes below) and really got into some interesting stuff. I hope you'll enjoy it and maybe even get something out of the listen. Let me know what you think when you're through. Comments here are much appreciated.

Click here to download/listen to Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Seth Harwood

In case you're interested, see the episode's full breakdown after the break.

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