Back to the WAV! Jed Ayres reads "Hoosier Daddy!"

The CrimeWAV and therefore your boy Seth Harwood are both BACK!!

As Rakim says, "it's been a long time." And it has.

Apologies about that fade-ish-ness. But here things are again: me (Your friendly neighborhood Future Urban Crime Kingpin), a story (in this case Hoosier Daddy by Jed Ayres), and You. The three of us together at long last.

So grab your ear buds, pop 'em in that iPhone which now likely streams our stuff without any troublesome downloading and... click on the following link:

Jedidiah Ayres reads "Hoosier Daddy." -- Click here to listen or download. 

Jedidiah Ayres is the author of the collection A F*ckload of Shorts and Fierce Bitches (due in early 2013). He is also co-editor of the anthologies Noir at the Bar volumes 1 & 2 and D*CKED: Dark Fiction Inspired By Dick Cheney. Find him at his blog Hardboiled Wonderland

Bouchercon Bound!

Hey there! Tomorrow night, 10/4/12 I'm flying out of SFO bound for CLEVELAND and this year's Bouchercon Conference The World Crime and Mystery Convention.

On Friday afternoon, I'll be appearing on the panel "Morality in Crime Fiction" (Fri 2:45-3:35) led by Ali Karim and featuring some great authors! More on that here at Ali's blog.  The complete listing of scheduled events and panels is here. Enjoy the con!

If you'll be there, I hope you'll come find me and say hi. If you want to meet up, email me or hit me on Twitter/Facebook.  -- Yer Boy!!

20-Minute Discussion on Writing and Craft

Couple of weeks back I had this conversation with Brion and Dave of the Roundtable Writers Podcast. We covered a lot of ground (see minutes below) and really got into some interesting stuff. I hope you'll enjoy it and maybe even get something out of the listen. Let me know what you think when you're through. Comments here are much appreciated.

Click here to download/listen to Showcase Episode: 20 Minutes with Seth Harwood

In case you're interested, see the episode's full breakdown after the break.

Three Book Deal and a Film Option!

COMING SOON!COMING SOON!In FallIn FallYeah. Wow. So today's news is BIG. And I've had to wait on it for a long time now. Then, last night PubMarketplace dropped the following (in deals/sales):  

Seth Harwood's IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, about a smart, tough FBI Agent as she tracks a serial killer in Alaska, to Andrew Bartlett at Thomas & Mercer, plus the previously-published THIS IS LIFE and YOUNG JUNIUS, by Stacia Decker at the Donald Maass Literary Agency (World).

Film rights to YOUNG JUNIUS, the story of a fourteen-year-old boy avenging his brother's murder in the housing projects of 1980s Boston, optioned by producer Daniel Wolfe, by Brooke Ehrlich of Brooke Ehrlich Artist Management.

FallFallWhat this means is that Thomas & Mercer (Amazon's crime imprint) will publish This Is Life, Young Junius and In Broad Daylight!! These will be available in both print and ebook format. Three books! It's looking like This Is Life and YJ will come this fall, likely October, with IBD to follow in the spring. And...

AND... And we've sold an option on Young Junius for FILM!!! As you'll see in the above video, Daniel Wolfe, an awesome up-and-coming director is definitely the man for this job. He loved the book, wanted the option, got it, and now we'll see where this leads. I've been really impressed with his work thus far, including this awesome video for Time To Dance by the Shoes (warning: NSFW, disturbing and awesome!) starring a famous actor you'll recognize immediately.

The timing here is entirely coincidental, but I also leave tomorrow morning for five weeks of vacation and writing! I'll be in southern France and Western Mass. Couldn't be more excited! Drop a comment and let me hear from ya!

Happy Palms Mommas Day!

Did you know the day after Mothers Day is now officially Palms Mommas Day? Sure is! Now you’ve heard.

I’m here to say a big thank you to all the lovely and wonderful Palms Mommas out there. Hello, thank you, and I’m thinking of you. Much, much love.

So what do you get that wonderful Palms Momma on your list? I can tell you about a couple of new and cool items in the SH Bookstore online. For every item purchased, I’ll refund $2 as a way of saying thanks. Thanks to you and to help you get that Palms Momma something nice.

First up, in The Name of Palms, we’ve got THIS IS LIFE and, for a limited time, Czechmate to put on your bookshelves.

Also the new in print A Long Way from Disney. This collection is a really big hit with all the mothers and mommas out there! Get yours a copy today and let me know how you want me to personalize her copy.

A few of you have been asking for me to sell audiobooks on the site. Well, I’ve finally done it. In Broad Daylight, featuring the ultimate Palms Momma—Jess Harding—is now available for sale as a big single download. It’s a folder of all the book’s audio files, trimmed just to one good, long listen. Grab a download today and put it in somebody’s ear—gently, and with love.

Thanks for your continued support and stay tuned. Lots more great stuff happening this spring and summer. Just around the corner.

Re-Podcast: What Happened to Everything c/o WordPlaySound

Hey folks!

I'm happy to be back in your ear-piece today with this re-podcast of an old Disney story "What Happened to Everything." (Click to listen)

I met Ryan Singleton at this year's AWP conference in Chicago and he told me about his new literary stories podcast WordPlaySound. We were able to collaborate on this story that he featured here.

I hope you enjoy the story. If you'd like to a copy of A Long Way from Disney, you can find them in print NOW here. Enjoy! I'd be so happy to sign one for ya!

Book Guys Interview and K7 Questions!

Okay okay! Yes, it's been too long since you called in and asked your K7 questions about In Broad Daylight! This goes without saying. My bad. Maximum.

But now I'm here, joined by Paul the Book Guy talking shop, Palms, action and yes, answering your K7 questions whether they're spoilers or not! So come on and give a listen!

Click here to download or listen to Book Guys Ep 40 - Palms Sunday

We're also joined on the show by Sir Jimmy and the amazing teenaged novelist Spencer Brokaw! This kid will knock your socks off! Check out his website: Spencer Brokaw's Web Site and get your copy of The Impenetrable Spy right here. He wrote it when he was ten. Damn! How many ten year olds do you know who can spell Impenetrable!?!?!

Thanks to everybody for being on the show, especially to Paul Alves for putting it together. Enjoy!

The Wrong Kind of Reading with Pinckney Benedict

I can't say enough how thrilled I am to be featured on this podcast with Pinckney Benedict. As someone who has been reading his work in prize story anthologies for a while, it's great to share the stage.

Click here to download or listen to the complete episode.

This episode comes courtest of the fine folks at Booked. The Booked Podcast is a regular weekly installment of fine fiction coming to your ears from live events, along with reviews and interviews. The staff there is Livius Nedin, Robb Olson and Mlaz Corbier. They're as good a bunch of guys as you could ask for.

Thanks to them for recording and distributing this event!

First Pinckney reads from Pig Helmet and the Wall of Life and then after a short delay, I read from Young Junius. Hope you enjoy!

A Long Way from Disney [PAPERBACK] is finally here!

Hey guys! I couldn't really be much more excited than I am about this news today that ALWFD is finally here in a 5" x 8", 172 page paperback edition! Ba-bam!

If you've been around for a while, you remember these stories that I podcasted way back in 2006-2007. This edition contains the stories When they were calling you in for dinner, A Long Way from Disney, What Happened to Everything, Rebuilding Men, White, Don Flamenco's Finest Round, This One Thing, Responsibility, Nilsa, One of Her Good Nights, Too Early, Michigan, Cherry Tree, Huesca and Walden.

You can check it out on the Store page, where you'll find both the Paperback and the eBook.

I'm working on putting the next set of stories Further From Disney into a paperback and eBook of their own. Stay tuned!

The Tech-Empowered Writer- AWP Panel Resources

AWP Conference in ChicagoAWP Conference in ChicagoAt AWP this year, I'm presenting as part of a panel on "The Tech-Empowered Writer: Embrace New Media, Experiment, and Earn" along with awesome writers Christina Katz, Robert Lee Brewer and Jane Friedman. Check them out, really! These three are ones to watch! The panel is on Thursday of the conference (3/1) from 1:30 to 2:45 in Boulevard Room A,B,C, at the Hilton Chicago, 2nd Floor. More info is here: AWP Conference Schedule.

I'll say the names of these three again: Christina Katz, Robert Lee Brewer and Jane Friedman. Outstanding, all! And go here for where I mention Christina's awesome book, The Writer's Workout!

But what I'm really here for is to add more content to the panel presentation so folks can find more links to others I think are doing a great job. I'll be talking about how I raised significant capital for my last two novels This Is Life and Young Junius by doing a highly successful (if I do say so myself) Kickstarter Campaign and a Special Edition Pre-Order event that I ran through PayPal. Both of these really put me in good shape to work with a publisher and to do a lot of the freelancer-comissioning myself! Totally awesome! Of course, none of this would've been possible without the support of my awesome group of fans, the Palms Mommas and Palms Daddies, who I connected with through producing my novels as free, serialized audiobooks (podcasts) that I distributed here and at iTunes. For more on how I did that, see this link and the upcoming online Author Boot Camp class I'll be teaching in April and May. Hurry, just a few spots remain!

So, what other writers are doing awesome stuff?

First, I'll start off with Jeff Shelby, who blogs here about how he set up his eBook Thread of Hope on Amazon's Kindle store and planned a release all on his own. And then guess what? Thread of Hope hit #1 on Amazon!! Yes, it did! Slid right past Stieg Larsson and everything! Jeff tells all in this easy to read and understand blog post about how he listed the book, made it free on Amazon to jumpstart sales, then contacted biggie blogs like Pixel of Ink and eReader News Today to let them know when it'd be free. Next up... well, read it all here. How Thread of Hope Hit #1 on Amazon

Second, let me tell you about Neal Pollack, whose piece in the New York Times Book Review here tells about how and why he decided to leave traditional publishing to put out his book Jewball himself. Neal used Kickstarter to build a source of funding and Createspace to publish the book in Print On Demand format. Know what? Both of these are totally easy to do. Read more about Neal in my post at AuthorBootCamp here.

Mur Lafferty, a fellow podcasting author, really rocked the Kickstarter world and broke the mold when she did this wildly successful campaign. Just look at the funding: 969% funded! Wow!

Want more? Check out podcasts by students of my recent Author Boot Camps and how they're connecting with an audience using just their voice, their words, and a little technology! That, plus more info and lessons from J.A. Konrath, Barry Eisler and Paolo Coehlo are at the site If you're interested in learning how to podcast and release your own eBooks, consider joining me for the online installment of Author Boot Camp in April and May. Filling fast!

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