Finally: Author Boot Camp Online Class!! Enrolling now!

This has been a long-running request from many of you and I'm happy to say it's finally here: I'm finally teaching a fully online 4-week Author Boot Camp class!! It's this April and May through the Stanford Online Writer's Studio.

The class covers methods and practices for podcasting, but also a lot more: we're going to get into eBook production and distribution, social media (Twitter, Facebook and Google+) as well as blogging and community-building strategies.

This course is limited to 21 students and filling fast, so sign up now!

Course title: Getting Your Story Out There: Social Media, eBooks, and More

Dates: April 16th to May 11. 4 Weeks, all online, all at your schedule and convenience No Matter Where You Are!

Cost: $300 - a steal for the amount of community, guidance and strategy you'll be getting! Download the Syllabus here to learn more. 

Visit the Continuing Studies website to read more about the class, see the full description, and enroll.

More In Broad Daylight - Your K7 calls!

We're back!We're back!

Click here now to download or listen to YOUR K7 calls!

We're back! With great news: check out the new store page of the site here, where you can order your own copies of THIS IS LIFE, Young Junius, you name it! But yes, THIS IS LIFE is now fully-available in print! Holla!

Today I've got the culmination of your K7 call-ins for the finale of In Broad Daylight! Click here now to download or listen!

To those of you who called, Thank you very much! If you didn't, the number is 206-350-4998. You can still get your two cents in for the big Q&A episode about the book. No problem!

I'm working hard on getting the next books ready to release. These will be Triad Death Match, A Long Way from Disney and... Further From Disney. Cranking away here and even writing new material. Soon to come into your ears!

If you miss the old short stories, you can now listen to Fisher Cat as part of the Nil Desperandum podcast. I have also just released both FISHER CAT and TATTOOED PEOPLE for the Kindle platform. Hop on 'em! If you'd like an ePub file, email me

Jack's back... in print!! THIS IS LIFE is here!

click on my face!click on my face!Big News: THE STORE PAGE HAS ARRIVED!! Now you can buy my work here on the site, get it signed and shipped right to you. No middleman! This is what we've been waiting for!

To Kick it off, today I'm announcing that THIS IS LIFE is available IN PRINT!! Jack is BACK!! All editions include both THIS IS LIFE and CZECHMATE rolled together into an awesome new remix that I know you're gonna dig. They're also all personalized and mailed from right here in the lair. Get some!

You can get to my new store here Lots of books and goods there! 

I'm really pumped about the store and expect to release new content there monthly. Stay tuned! Upcoming you'll find:

Review, Reading and Books!!

now on sale!now on sale!First, let me just say that I'm currently developing a store page for this site that will enable sales of THIS IS LIFE, Young Junius and others in fresh, signed editions. For its part, THIS IS LIFE will be available in a special edition here that COMBINES the stories of THIS IS LIFE and CZECHMATE. I have these now in hardcover AND paperback! More soon. But if you can't wait and want to order a copy now, email me and we'll work it out!

Speaking of COMBINED versions of TIL and Czechmate, Elizabeth A. White stops the presses at her review site today with a fresh, enthusiastic review of the two books. If you're not ready to be gripped up by the plot after that, I have no idea what'll grip you!

Did I say grip? Yes, if you're in San Francisco and you haven't been swept up in Niners action, then come out to a special reading I'll be doing this Sunday (the 22nd) via the Portuguese Artists Colony! With its 5Pm start, don't worry, you can still catch some of the Giants/Niners. I'll be joined at this event by fellow MA native (and hopefully Patriots fan) Brittany Perham. Ira Marlowe adds music! It all starts at 5:00 at Fivepoints Arthouse. Come one, come all! (See flyer image below!)

PLUS: Do not worry. The K7 call-in episode of In Broad Daylight as well as the Final Q&A episode, hosted by John Mireau, are still coming soon!

Bay Area: Three Readings!

Hope you enjoyed the end of In Broad Daylight and that your New Year is off to a great start. I'll be back soon with more podcasts, but for now I just got back from the Yucatan and am PUMPED for two readings this week and another next Sunday the 22nd -- all in the Bay Area. If you're local, I hope you can make it to one (or more!)  

First up is in Sausalito Thurs night 1/12 at: 

Why There Are Words January 12 “Other Voices: Come Together”

This one's a star-studded lineup that I'm really excited to be a part of. Starts at 7:00.

Then on Friday night at Elbo Room in the Mission is Literary Death Match! Doors at 6:30!

I'm making my return reading at this event and will not go down without a deadly fight! Triad Death Match style! Believe it!

Info and tickets are here:

and on Facebook:

If you haven't ever seen a Literary Death Match before, you're in for a rare treat. These are awesome! See a video of what goes on:

If neither of those float your booty, I'll be at a fine event in the Portuguese Writers Colony on Sunday 1/22 at 5pm in downtown SF.

Info is here: 

Musical guest is Ira Marlowe. Will be great!

Hope to see you out and around! I'll be selling and signing special paperback editions of THIS IS LIFE/Czechmate [COMBINED] at all events!


The Final Episode: In Broad Daylight - 17

Click here to download or listen to episode 17 - The Finale - of In Broad Daylight!!

Quite a road we've been on this fall, what with me putting out these weekly episodes, you listening in, and all the turmoil that Jess Harding has been through. But here we've come to an end. I'm packing for a vacation, Jess Harding fights for her life, and you, gentle listener, get an early New Years Eve present in your ears. 

Not even Thursday!

So enjoy the end, the wrap up, the tale. Email in, twitter or Facebook with questions for the Q&A episode to come. That, or call in on the K7 line at 206-350-4998 to make your voice a part of the special call in episode!

And have a wonderful New Years, everybody! More to come from me in 2012! Enjoy!

In Broad Daylight - 16

Welcome to the penultimate episode of In Broad Daylight! Jess Harding, fully on the scene, taking control. Listen up!

Click here to download or listen to Episode 16 now!

What’s new here? Holidays is all. Getting ready for a very Palms Xmas and doing all I can to celebrate Hanukkah with the best of ‘em! Enjoy your present for the third night!

We’ll be back soon with more In Broad Daylight, and by that I mean the final episode… soon! Thanks for listening and enjoy your Holidays!


In Broad Daylight - Episode 15 (of 17)

More this week from Jess Harding, Oscar Linstrom and the crew. Click here to listen to this week’s episode or download now. Enjoy!

Oscar’s in San Francisco and Jess is ready to explore Stephanie Harvey’s apartment. Strap in and hold on!

Here in my little corner of San Francisco, I’m working on the eBook of Further From Disney and upgrading my newsletter-sending capabilities here on the ole machine. Good times! Soon I’ll be offering signed copies of THIS IS LIFE in hardcover and paperback via the website. Stay tuned for that. If you’d like a copy of something from me to your door for Xmas, drop me an email and I’ll do my best.

No visit from Vlade this week unless you listen to the full ep. (wink, wink). He’s a jerk anyway. But still, call in to talk to him at 206-350-4998.

I pick a winner this week from the list of folks who’ve emailed in to show me they bought copies of THIS IS LIFE and Czechmate in eBook form on the kindle place. If you’ve entered, you got to see if it was you who won the hardcover of TIL. If you haven’t entered, drop me an email and get in on it! I asked my friends on Twitter to pick a number between 1 and 20 for our winner. So see who it was…

Are you following me on Twitter? I sure hope you are! Stay criminal.

Note: after this one, we have just two episodes until the end!

Raising a Racket over IBD!

The ladies of the racket have spoken! That's right, Rhonda Carpenter and Heather Roulo have been nice enough to have me on their PodioRacket Podcast once again to talk about all things going on over here, including In Broad Daylight, THIS IS LIFE coming out in print and eBook, Czechmate, Kickstarter, and much more. Visit the blog post about our interview here.

OR... Click here to listen or download our interview.

Hope you enjoy it! I'll be back soon with more of IN BROAD DAYLIGHT... stay tuned.

In Broad Daylight - Episode 14 and Vlade returns!

Join the Armada!Join the Armada!This week the podcast got a little away from me. In the midst of telling what’s happening and announcing new stuff, Vlade the Czech stopped in and started berating you, the listener. Apologies about this, but Vlade wouldn’t let it be any other way. You know how he gets by now, don’t you?

Anyway, he’s fixated on the K7 line (206-350-4998). Please use it.

Here’s episode 14 of In Broad Daylight. Click here to listen or download. To Subscribe to the feed, click here.

More News: In Broad Daylight will have 17 episodes total, so there are JUST THREE LEFT! Better get your ears around this action so you’re tuned in right to the end!

I have two new interviews this week to tell you about: first is with the Indie Book Podcast, hosted by author Jane Kalmes. Jane and her husband were nice enough to review This Is Life as an eBook back a few weeks and now they have me on the show to talk about what’s up and up.

I’m also happy to visit with the great Rhonda Carpenter of, your source for all new things Podiobooks! Get the episode here and enjoy listening to us smack it!

Next week, I’ll be back to give away two hardcovers to awesome listeners who’ve bought the eBooks. Get yours yet? Do it here! Then email me to enter the drawing!

Also, get ready with your questions for the upcoming Q&A interview episode wrapping things up after the end of In Broad Daylight! What would you ask me about the story? The characters? The action? Start writing down your questions now.


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