You don't need a Kindle to Play!! THIS IS LIFE eBook Rush!

Kindle TILKindle TILHey hey! Thanks for coming over to! Word up.

You DO NOT need a Kindle to help support the release of THIS IS LIFE! If you don’t have one, you can grab up a FREE Kindle reader App for the web, your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Droid or whatever else you may have using this link: Free Kindle Apps of all Kinds.

The eBook is also available for Nook, iPad, and various other reading devices, but I’m happy to give you the epub file for these FREE if you purchase a copy on the Kindle format. Just return this email to me, say you want the epub file, and it’s yours! Because that’s how we do.

So go on, head over to get THIS IS LIFE here for $2.99, drop a review on it (or Facebook “Like” it) while you’re there, and you’ll have helped me climb the charts, bust some e-heads and grass-roots my way to literary stardom. Thank you very much!

Please go snap one up so I can make a climb up the Kindle bestsellers charts and gain more exposure on Amazon. As you know, Amazon exposure leads to sales and selling product is key, as Junius Ponds would say.

Thanks again!

In Broad Daylight - Episode 6

Offical TIL Cover (click to enlarge)Offical TIL Cover (click to enlarge)Right here, see the final version of the cover for THIS IS LIFE, featuring the blurb from award-winning author Tom Franklin:

"Seth Harwood is my favorite new American writer. I recommend this book, all his books, to you. You'll thank me. Just wait." You can hear Tom read an excerpt from his novel Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter, here. He was on CrimeWAV for episode 63!

So I'm pumped up about that. Then what's next? Click here to listen or download episode 6 of In Broad Daylight.

I'm feeling somewhat better this week, but still a little under the weather. Therefore, you'll hear me do a not so good job here of telling you about:

  • The end of the Kickstarter campaign: coming Saturday 10/8 at 9am Pacific/12 noon Eastern! If you're gonna get in, get on it! This will be your last chance to get JP2 paperback and hardcover in this special edition. 
  • We've totally rocked this project and so far have cleared almost $7k in funding! This is awesome and totally sets me up to fund what I need to do. More on that soon.
  • Next up in the grand project of going forward, is eBooks! THIS IS LIFE is available now on Kindle and we're ready to start rocking that. If you've got a Kindle, great! If not, you can get the Kindle App for your Mac, PC, iPhone, Smartphone or whatever here! Then go get it!

You want more?

Okay here's Shawna Yang Ryan talking about if what we did on Kickstarter is the future of Self-Publishing over at AND...

This week in promos features Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff's new eBook Transistor Rodeo! Read here to find out how you can win $50 from Amazon when you buy!

Also our friends at tell you about all the audio goodness you can grab up there too! Enjoy it!

In Broad Daylight - Episode 5

This is your new episode of In Broad Daylight. Click here to listen or download episode 5.

it's the slightly-tired and throat hurty version of this week's content with live features slightly muted. But what can you expect? Happens to us all once in a while.

Only 8 days left in the Kickstarter campaign! Get on it / Get in it / Get you some!

Hope you guys have been checking out Author Boot Camp for my recent posts on new trends and models in publishing.

In Broad Daylight - Episode 4

"...preparin' for tomorrow I do what I have to do..."  -Curtis Mayfield

So happy to have you guys back this week for episode 4. Click here to download now or listen to In Broad Daylight - 04

We've got a lot of awesome for you here this week: three new chapters, more shouts from the Kickstarter donors, a couple of awesome listener call-ins, a few fan and friend books to plug and the news that I'm featured this week on as well as Podiobooks!

So check it out. I'm so happy to have you back with me! If you haven't come over to the Kickstarter page yet, it's here for your eyes. Watch the video!

I also talk about the new podcast All Roads Lead to Blue Lake by Marc Vale. You can find it on Podiobooks here and at his site here.

My new friend Laurie Stevens has a new book out called The Dark Before Dawn. You can find it and more info about her here. Click on this link to preview the PDF.

What else? Last up is the hot news that Jess Harding has landed at! Woot! Go on over and drop an awesome rating when you have the chance. Thanks! See ya next week!

Interview for Your Ear-Piece!

D*Con Sigler PartyD*Con Sigler PartyHey guys, I'm here today with a fresh interview for you, conducted by my fellow podcaster John Mierau. You can find all of John's work here at He's the author of the Serving Worlds Anthology, Last Man Home, Harlan's Wake and Marked Men, among others. Check out his podcast Enemy Lines if you're looking for a hot place to start!

In this interview, we discuss the Kickstarter campaign, the changing face of publishing, podcasting as a means of raising fan interest, eBooks, and much more, including answering fan questions from Twitter! Click here to listen now or download this episode! Rock it, pump it, dig it, and I hope you enjoy!

True fans, you'll love how we crush publishing in this one!

In Broad Daylight - Episode 3

Oh, wow! We're getting further into the story with Jess Harding this week as she finds another woman's body in addition to her own name in blood on Samantha Parker's kitchen walls! Can you handle it?

Click here now to listen or download In Broad Daylight - Episode 3!

In addition to the fiction this week, I talk about the hardcore and unbelievably fast success of the Kickstarter Campaign to preorder THIS IS LIFE. You guys totally ROCKED it! We reached the $4k funding mark in just over 24 hours and now we're still rolling as we rock our way through $5k and on! All funds will go to plenty more free content here on the web and more books hitting the marketplace! So preorder your copy now! Don't think the campaign's over just because we reached our minimum level. Oh, no!Paper AND HardcoverPaper AND Hardcover

I just got the hardcover in the mail today and it looks AWESOME! I talk about that on the show, why it's so pricey and how much I want to make sure you get one into your hands. I also drop many names of the awesome donors who ponied up first to get theirs! And I'll go further in the list next week. 

Next week sometime, I'll have an interview that my man John Mireau conducted this week and then on Thursday the 4th episode of In Broad Daylight for you! This next one, oh yeah, it's gonna rock you!


Pre-Order THIS IS LIFE -- Available now!

actual coveractual coverHey peeps! Just a quick announcement to say that now is the time and this is the way to pre-order your print copy of THIS IS LIFE - A Jack Palms Novel.

You can order the book in either Hardcover or Paperback. The paperback's way more cost-friendly ($30 including postage) and still looks awesome! I LOVE mine and it looks great. Each of these copies will be signed, personalized and numbered.

So pop over here to the Kickstarter campaign and order yours today! We reached our funding level which means that the money definitely goes through, but that's not the cue to stop everything! This is still the only way to get this print copy of the book! Pick one up today and join us here in the Palms Family! We love ya!

Tom Franklin, author of the award-winning, best-selling Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter says, "Seth Harwood is my favorite new American writer.  I recommend this book, all his books, to you. You'll thank me. Just wait."

But you guys have already listened to the book and know. Pre-order now so you can read the revised, print edition and have a copy of this limited edition collector's run for your shelf!

In Broad Daylight Episode 2 - And Kickstarter Campaign is NOW LIVE!!

Preorders now live!Preorders now live!Here it is, folks: your EPISODE 2 of In Broad Daylight! Listen/download now. [Includes content from ep. 1.5]

But today's a HUGE day for another reason! As of right now, you can preorder your copies of THIS IS LIFE and help to fund future books from me to come out in the eBook and print marketplace. Today's the start of my Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for fixed costs to production. Want more info? Definitely! Check us out here at, your official home of the campaign.

Through this campaign, you can order:

  • Signed, numbered copies of THIS IS LIFE in paperback and hardcover
  • Get your name included in the acknowledgements of the book!
  • Appear in a book or a story
  • Advance copies of In Broad Daylight
  • Triad Death Match
  • A Long Way from Disney
  • AND... Jack Takes Off! That's right, it's the road trip book, finally coming your way!

So listen up to this week's episode, come visit the campaign page and get involved, tell your friends about it, Tweet it, Facebook it, all that Jazz!! Thank YOU for your support!

And let's enjoy this exciting day in the Jack Palms Nation!!

In Broad Daylight - 1.5 [Kickstarter Campaign Coming!]


Hey folks here's a special release for ya: In Broad Daylight, episode 1.5 (chapter 4)!! Click here to download/listen. [This chapter is also in Ep. 2]

The big news tonight is the coming start of the Kickstarter Campaign for This Is Life and my other eBooks to come out later this year. I'm excited, I hope you're excited, and here we go... I'll let the talk on the ep give you the rest of the goods.

In Broad Daylight - 1: Introducing Jess Harding

THIS is your introduction to FBI agent Jess Harding: smart, tough and on her way to Alaska to track down a serial killer. Listen up, peeps! It all starts here.

Click to listen now. Or right-click to download.

If you're new to podcast fiction, welcome to the world of free audiobooks released weekly like old-time serialized pulp crime novels. Now's a great time for you to look at our FREE subscription options and get the content delivered automatically to your computer each week as soon as it comes out. From Facebook, iTunes and Google, to right through your email address, you can get all the goods without ever having to come back and visit this site. Though you'd want to, wouldn't you? Why not create a login for yourself in case you want to contribute a comment or two in the forums--you'll also be included in my infrequent newsletters posts. Also, don't forget you can always use the handy contact tab at the upper left to email me your thoughts directly. I'll be more than happy to hear from you.

For everyone else, YES! I am back, it's been too long and it's time to listen up, spread the word, tell ONE friend about it. Not more. We want to keep this under our hats.

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