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Yes, it's high time I started posting here again. Never fear, I'm back. I have a new short crime story that I plan to share soon as audio and for today, I have this piece on writing that I recently posted here on Scribd.com.

I plan to give you more audio soon. For now, enjoy the read.

          Why We Write

Of course you could go outside. Take the dog and do what any normal person would do on a nice afternoon: go sit in the sun. But there’s something different about a writer. Something else that makes a person sit inside on a beautiful day, wake up and do work on one project or another without any sign of payment.

There are always other things you could do, even ways to earn money. Instead, you sacrifice relationships, push away loved ones and demand time to yourself. You leave friends at the bar, make your life boring in the name of ritual, trying to stay clean.

Others will earn more money doing anything you can think of—hawking cars, making sales, sitting in offices, betting on stocks—and spend free time in excitement, travel, getting drunk, doing wild stunts.

Maybe it’s foolishness. No one says writers are saints, not by a long shot. But you try to survive and carry on, do your level best to make it through another day and come back to the desk again tomorrow.

Who knows if this road is wise? Once taken, there are places to get off. Perhaps you think of them, sitting at the desk on a cold, damp morning. Maybe you even regret. But you won’t think about this when you’re writing.

JPII in Da House!!

click to enlarge, son!click to enlarge, son!Eat your heart out, youngsters! Here it is and coming to YOU soon...

As they say in France, "Ooh la la la la..."

You've seen this picture before, TWICE now, and both times it's meant awesome literary goodness coming to you for your reading pleasure. And THIS IS LIFE will NOT disappoint! This edition features the original stories from both JP2 and JP3 (podcasts) and is edited, boiled down, bettered, all the good stuff!

So never fear and be ready to pony up them bennies later on in the summer as the release rolls out in early fall. More to come and much more exciting info on the way to you soon. The kid is back. --Yer boy.

No More of Dog Harwood

This is no more blog for dog Harwood. Now is blog for Alexi Akakievich. I run blog.

You read this you do not like? Tell me so at bottom. I do not read.

Triad Death Match Now out as ebook!

Jack Palms returns in Triad Death Match to help Jane Gannon tear down a Chinese Triad-run Death Match/kumite tournament in the heart of San Francisco's Chinatown.

You heard it here first this fall, and now the book's out on all e-book formats for you to go and grab up--cheap!

Hear me pimp the ebook now!

Links/places to order: Amazon for Kindle, B & N Nook

Smashwords, where you can get it for Kindle, Nook, Palm, Prius, you name it! Guess what? You can also get it now on Goodreads!

Anything I haven't offered? Contact me and I'll figure it out.

If you haven't already heard the podcast, you can check out all the episodes for free here.

Otherwise, if you've already listened, please drop a review here on Amazon, Goodreads, or Smashwords. Thanks!! More to come soon!

Sigler's ALL-PRO Goes Live!

Hey, I know you've heard of that dude Scott Sigler, right? Yeah, I know his writing stinks and you're not into that inter-galactic shit anyway... but... in case you don't feel that way, then head on over HERE to order his AWESOME new GFL book THE ALL-PRO today!

When you do, use the code SETH to save you some bucks!

That's right, you know you'll love it. That means you!!

Right on. Don't sweat the technique. Audio invitation to partake in this purchasing frenzy on the way soon.

Yer boy

(PS: Click on the last link to see the original booty butt-cheeks video.)

Interviewed by Jay Stringer for Do Some Damage

Today Jay Stringer and the good folks over at Do Some Damage podcast--a great collaborative blog effort that provides "an inside look at crime fiction"--have me on to talk about YOUNG JUNIUS. We cover its writing process, the influences, current crime fiction trends, and of course my rise to notoriety on the web due to my own podcasts.

Since you folks are certainly familiar with all of this, you might want to skip ahead here and there. But the opening is a gas.

Anyway, check it out!

Click here to download/listen to the interview.

Big thanks to Jay and to Steve Weddle for having me on! If you haven't already, head over to CrimeWAV episode 64 to hear Steve's story "Walkaways." Oh, you might also like the straight Do Some Damage blog, which is here.

Novel Class Reads YOUNG JUNIUS!

Here you see Tyler Dilts's novel-writing class at Cal State Long Beach, who read YOUNG JUNIUS this semester as one of their readings. I'm a big fan of Tyler and his novel A King of Infinite Space, which you can find more about here.

New Dirty! YJ reading at Babylon Salon

Click here to download full video and play at home.

Thanks to the great folks at Babylon Salon and Cantina SF for having me out to their event on Saturday night. I had a blast, as you can probably tell. Thanks to the great Rich Amooi for his camera work!

New Action at CrimeWAV

Coming soon to the CrimeWAV Player, I'm happy to announce we'll have a full podcast novel: The Immortal Game by Mark Coggins! He's MY boy!

For today satisfy yourself with the melodious tones of Dan O'Shea and his story "Thin Mints!

Bonus: want to get started on Mark's work ahead of schedule? His first podcast novel Vulture Capital is already out! Find it here!

Also, John Dodds's new podcast novel Bone Machines is FREE, badass, and fully ready for you to download here! Aside from being a full-blown thug, you might know John Dodds from back in CrimeWAV episode 35: "Crossing the Border". His blog and stuff is here: http://bonemachines.wordpress.com/

Now... you listen to podcasts, right? You know Keith Malley from the Keith and the Girl? Yes, I thought you did. Well, now you can get his NOVEL, titled "The Great American Novel" (of course) from the KatG site. If you use the code "seth" when you do, you'll get $2 off the book! Go ahead, when you pick yours up, drop the code for your boy! Heard? Now do it!


Crimespree: "Required Reading"


YOUNG JUNIUS (Tyrus) is an urban western by Seth Harwood. Junius is a 14 year old on his own quest for vengeance and redemption. What looks from the outset to be a simple matter of track and shoot soon spirals out of control. With police and rival gangs out to get him Junius decides to stand instead of run and when all is said and done, his life is much different than when he started this path. Harwood has really captured the angst of a young man confused by what the world tells him and what the world is. Required reading. –Crimespree Magazine


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