In Broad Daylight - 1.5 [Kickstarter Campaign Coming!]


Hey folks here's a special release for ya: In Broad Daylight, episode 1.5 (chapter 4)!! Click here to download/listen. [This chapter is also in Ep. 2]

The big news tonight is the coming start of the Kickstarter Campaign for This Is Life and my other eBooks to come out later this year. I'm excited, I hope you're excited, and here we go... I'll let the talk on the ep give you the rest of the goods.

I'm Back and Writing!

Lots of good news to share this week and ideally every week from now on, pending a vacation soon. Listen up HERE to get all the deets. 

Quick recap: 1) I'll be hitting you in the ear with more new fiction soon! Coming ASAP!!

2) I'll be running a Kickstarter campaign in September to bring more books through production and for sale on Amazon. This will be your first chance to get awesome special edition copies of THIS IS LIFE. 

3) I'm looking for a few good reviews of Triad Death Match and Young Junius. If you do 'em or want to, I'll give you the ebook FREE!! Contact me.

4) We've got some new work happening on the site. Hope you dig the new look. Thanks there to Jason Andrews!!

5) Thanks to Lee Dal Monte for audio production/editing on this episode!

6) Check out Frank Bill's new story collection Crimes in Southern Indiana: Stories. It's awesome, he's awesome, and I've read it already. It's HOT! You'll also see upcoming snips of these stories in Playboy, so tell 'em you heard it here first! 

Last up? Well... you'll have to listen and find out!

But mainly, I'm back, people. Let's do this.

More on Writing

I've been starting back to the desk at regular intervals and am pushing my word counts again, which means more new content on the way. Hope you're pumped! I'm looking to have some goods for you by Fall (sept).

As I got going with the process of putting pen to paper (fingers to keys), I wrote a few pieces on the act of writing. In addition to my last post, here are a few short pieces I posted on Scribd


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