Borderlands Reading Video and New Fiction from Ken Wohlrob! (Podcasting Powers Unite!)

Well if you missed the Young Junius reading tour this fall, you're lucky enough to catch me in the act here on video thanks to Jude at Borderlands Books. If you haven't bought a copy of the book yet, try Borderlands. They've got some signed!! This reading features a very special guest, someone you'll recognize and who lends his voice perfectly to a certain special character in the text.

You can click here to download the video for play on your device. And if you'd like to hear the audio on its own, head over to my boy J.C. Hutchins' wonderful site where you can listen to your heart's content!

Who're your boys now!?!?

In other news, my good friend Ken Wohlrob has a new book that's just come out called SONGS OF VAGABONDS, MISFITS, AND SINNERS. You might recall Ken's debut Podiobook THE LOVE BOOK a little while back. Now he's returned to bring you more with a new book of New York stories AND a soundtrack to go along. You got to check this out! Ken's an awesome storyteller, musician and content maven!

Click here to visit the book's site. Check out soundtrack below: (iss free!)


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