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Fab Fan Review of Young Junius!

Thanks to awesome Palms Momma™ Kate Sherrod (aka k8 aka Kate of Mind aka @katesherrod) who posted this review of Young Junius on her blog the other day. 

Seth Harwood's YOUNG JUNIUS and the Problem with Prequels

I post about this not because she's mindlessly gushing (which I have to admit is nice), but because she's clearly put a lot of thought and consideration into my work and this review. Is she critical? Yes. No worries. For my part, it is AWESOME when someone's willing to compare the mythological implications of Young Junius and Junius's character arc in comparison to that of Jack Palms, I've got to love it! Want more? Read the full review here.

Here's the start: Prequels can be problematic. 

New Fan Pic Rotator!

Look here just to the right and you'll see the new Fan Pics Rotator for YOUR pics of you and your copies of YOUNG JUNIUS. Have a copy and haven't sent in your pic yet? Hit me with it!

Wishing you all the best for a most happy, healthy and safe holiday season from yer boy and all of us at!!

TRIAD DEATH MATCH - The Finale (Finally!!)

Finally!!Finally!!Click here to listen or download Episode 5 of TRIAD DEATH MATCH - The Finale (Finally!)

Been a long, long time since TDM-04 and for that I apologize to you all. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Let's all make this year a very YOUNG JUNIUS Christmas!

Join me, George Pelecanos, Crimespree Magazine and all the rest of the Palms Mommas and Palms Daddies in blowing up the spot with copies of Young Junius for all!

Now available on these various ebook formats and devices: Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Google eBook, Smashwords, Sony Reader, Diesel eBooks and... more coming soon.

Bigtime thanks to Gary Johnson for editing sound on this story, Stacia Decker for editing content and to Sachill Pages for providing the music and outro pieces. Story so far today provided by Palms Daddy Mike Farley.

Pelecanos Picks YJ as a Best Book and Crimespree Review out!

First George Pelecanos, awesome novelist and writer for THE WIRE, picked YOUNG JUNIUS as one of his Best Books for 2010! Hazzah and hot damn! I met George at Noircon and gave him a copy of the book. Barely hoped he'd read it. Now this? Yeah, I'm psyched!!

How about this quote:

"Man-child Junius, 14, is in search of his brother's murderer which takes him on an odyssey through the projects of Cambridge, Mass. The plot moves but you will be most taken by the complexity of the large cast of characters. Harwood does not revert to type."

Yeah, definitely BLURB worthy!

On another note, thanks to Crimespree Magazine and awesome Jon Jordan for reviewing YOUNG JUNIUS. "Required Reading." Here's the full:

YOUNG JUNIUS (Tyrus) is an urban western by Seth Harwood. Junius is a 14 year old on his own quest for vengeance and redemption. What looks from the outset to be a simple matter of track and shoot soon spirals out of control. With police and rival gangs out to get him Junius decides to stand instead of run and when all is said and done, his life is much different than when he started this path. Harwood has really captured the angst of a young man confused by what the world tells him and what the world is. Required reading. –Crimespree Magazine

Borderlands Reading Video and New Fiction from Ken Wohlrob! (Podcasting Powers Unite!)

Well if you missed the Young Junius reading tour this fall, you're lucky enough to catch me in the act here on video thanks to Jude at Borderlands Books. If you haven't bought a copy of the book yet, try Borderlands. They've got some signed!! This reading features a very special guest, someone you'll recognize and who lends his voice perfectly to a certain special character in the text.

You can click here to download the video for play on your device. And if you'd like to hear the audio on its own, head over to my boy J.C. Hutchins' wonderful site where you can listen to your heart's content!

Who're your boys now!?!?

In other news, my good friend Ken Wohlrob has a new book that's just come out called SONGS OF VAGABONDS, MISFITS, AND SINNERS. You might recall Ken's debut Podiobook THE LOVE BOOK a little while back. Now he's returned to bring you more with a new book of New York stories AND a soundtrack to go along. You got to check this out! Ken's an awesome storyteller, musician and content maven!

Click here to visit the book's site. Check out soundtrack below: (iss free!)

Converting FREE Young Junius PDF onto your Kindle (FREE)

First off, I should mention that you can BUY Young Junius on your Kindle for the low price of $4.99 for a limited time. Go on, see how it looks! You can also try a sample from Amazon (see right side).

BUT, you can also join over 50,000 others and download the YOUNG JUNIUS full PDF for free right here! From there, I'm happy to include the following instructions on how to convert it for best reading on your Kindle.

[Note: this advice comes from the awesome Jason Mastaler who attended a talk I gave at Harvard a few weeks back. Thanks Jason!]

Once you have the Young Junius PDF, follow these instructions to get it onto your Kindle. (more after the break -- read more...)

Visiting today's Rindge Towers

Hey hey! No new episode of Death Match today, but my YJ tour is ending so I'm back to writing now. For this week's content, I give you my visit to today's Rindge Towers, the main location in YOUNG JUNIUS. Enjoy! See the video below for my visit. More video from the east coast coming soon! 

Saturday the 13th: Last Bay Area reading (for a while) - featuring FDO!!

Borderlands BooksBorderlands BooksWhat: Last SF reading for a while on the YOUNG JUNIUS Tour!

When: Saturday 11/13 at 3PM

Where: Borderlands Books, 866 Valencia (@20th St)

Who: Your Boy, Seth Harwood and featuring a special guest from the podcasting world, a.k.a. Scott Sigler!

Hope you'll come out to join us for this awesome Young Junius event! 

Drinks/light snacks to follow but not for too long.

As a bonus, check out my new profile on tonight where you can read some free excerpts from the book!

Partnering with Scribd for Young Junius

Jeff Lund and his YJJeff Lund and his YJLongtime readers of this blog will remember when I spoke with Ransom Stephens about how he used Scribd to publicize his novel The God Patent

Well, now I've been lucky enough to partner with the good folks at to publicize YOUNG JUNIUS. All this week we're leading up to a rollout of the free PDF of the entire novel on the site. And things are popping off already!

We're serializing select chapters every day until then.

Monday saw the launch of Junius Gets the Nine - Seth Harwood (excerpt from YOUNG JUNIUS)

Today we posted Mourning Mother: Gail Ponds-Posey - Seth Harwood (excerpt from YOUNG JUNIUS)

and The Oracle: Marlene - Seth Harwood (excerpt from YOUNG JUNIUS)

So go on, head over to Scribd and Readcast these excerpts. You can choose to post them to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to really spread the word. Talk about what'd help? Thanks! (Readcasting explained here.)

If you want to know more about Scribd, follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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