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New Editions AND the NEW ADDITION!

That's Willa Evelyn Harwood in the middle.

Lately I've been spending a fair amount of time pondering the difference between the words "edition" and "addition." Today they come into play like never before as Thomas & Mercer publishing releases new editions of both THIS IS LIFE and YOUNG JUNIUS. In no small part this is due to your support! I thank you once again for all your patronage and assistance in making my writing career a reality. I'm super excited about working together and the new opportunities this partnership involves--basically, Thomas & Mercer is a publishing wing of Amazon and they'll be using powers of the mighty sales site to promot and merchandize the book.

On the other hand, there's an addition that I'm even more proud of: that's my little girl, Willa Evelyn Harwood, who was three weeks old yesterday! (Her birthday is 1/28.) She's gaining weight, healthy as any parent could ask for and seems *very* advanced for her age (not my words)! I'm pretty sure she'll be reading within the month. (Kidding.)

If I may be so bold as to ask you for another favor, please help me to spread the word about This Is LIfe and Young Junius. You've likely bought them before. Now a good review, a Fb "Like" or a word to your friends can do so much! I'll be announcing new giveaways in the days and weeks to come. I look forward to your participation. As always, I'm also happy to sign your copies. Just drop a line and ask me. 

More audio, CrimeWAV stories and dispatches from Palms Nation to come. As always, I'm yer boy.

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Good News for Writers! (and 5 Tips on how to Capitalize on It!)

Right now there are more ways than ever to publish, distribute and evangelize your work—without spending a lot of money. Though the direction big publishing will take remains unclear, because we writers are small and nimble, we can act on as many strategies as we have time for.

Berkeley Mystery Writing Intensive, YA Bumpkins!!

So what's up--what's up? I'm about to get into an interview with my good friend Cornelia Read where she's going to tell you about an awesome Mystery Writing Intensive Workshop here in the Berkeley on the weekend of Nov. 21 and 22. Check out more info here: Boo Yah! Just like that.

Now here I am sitting down with Cornelia to talk it all out:

Q&A for Berkeley Mystery Writing Intensive

Q: So, tell me a little bit about this workshop. Who’s going to be on the faculty?

A: First and foremost, the inimitably sublime author Seth Harwood, of course—he of the podcasting brilliance and downright-goddamn-genius prose. Young Mr. Harwood will be joined by a select tribe of the Bay Area’s finest crime writers, including Juliet Blackwell, Tony Broadbent, Sophie Littlefield, and Tim Maleeny.

Q: And you, right?

A: And me, though I wouldn’t feel comfortable describing myself qualitatively as a writer. I mainly just type and hope for the best.

Q: You the bomb, girl! Straight up! You’re also flying two folks out from New York to present.


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