A Long Way from Disney



They called me wigger and one time this old bag bitch told me, “Keep running with the monkeys and you’ll end up back in the jungle with that black girl, swinging from a vine.”

One of Her Good Nights


At night, Elizabeth Richard would often hold her husband’s hand when he was eating and sometimes she would even feed him with the spoon, but there were occasions, she called these his good nights, when he was able to manage on his own.  She could tell by the shaky way Tom passed his hand over the top of his head, straightening what little was left of his thin brown hair, that this would not be one of those.



Believe that the world is governed by an elaborate system of checks and measures, that life is meted out in a zero-sum game—every pleasure balanced by an equal and opposite pain, everything earned.  This is what I used to feel when I was living scared in The City, when drum and bass was becoming a religion and I was taking what I could from every moment, more than I ever deserved, digging my own hole. 

Dis Story


Seth Harwood

A Long Way from Disney

When I was eight, my mother went to a weekend EST conference in Worcester and was never the same.  Werner Ehrhardt pumped her full of ideas, broke her down and then built her from a new mold, one with new thoughts and fresh agendas.  She began to believe she was a woman going places.

New iPhone / iTouch / iPad Apps!

Now A Long Way from Disney and Jack Wakes Up are both available as iPhone and iTunes Apps

Yes! Thanks to my friend Brian Rathbone and White Wolf Press, you can now get A Long Way from Disney, the story collection as an iPhone app for $1.99.

Yes, the Kindle version is still available here for $0.99.

You can also get the stories on Smashwords and Mobipocket. Why? Because we love to bring you fiction for however you want to read it.

Also, a company not known to me, Iceberg Reader/ScrollMotion has packaged Jack Wakes Up to sell as an iPhone App for $16.99. Want to see it? Go here. Not sure how, but they've gone through Random House to get the go-ahead on this one. Enjoy it if you buy!

Want the Kindle version for $9.99? It's here. Shizz, you can even get a regular, old-school print version here for $11.16. Enjoy!!


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