JACK PALMS II: This is Life

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Jack Is Back! Yes, Jack Palms is back to bring you more of the action, suspense and excitement that you came to expect from the hit podiobook Jack Wakes Up.

In This Is Life, Jack Palms finds himself caught in a working relationship with none other than the San Francisco police. When one of their own gets killed and corruption invades the Hall of Justice, Sgt. Mills Hopkins hires Jack to poke around. Is Jack ready for his own brand of police work? Is San Francisco?
Follow Jack Palms as he tries to figure out if the life of a Private Eye fits him, hunts a cop-killer, and tries to solve a series of murders that leads him into the heart of San Francisco's sex trade.

This podcast features guest appearances by some of crime fiction's best contemporary authors: Al Guthrie, Duane Swierczysnki, Charles Ardai (Richard Aleas), Sandra Ruttan, Jason Pinter, Robert Gregory Browne, Brett Battles, Jack Bludis, Sarah Weinman, Shannon Clute and Richard Edwards, Anthony Neil Smith, Daniel Hatadi, Declan Burke, and Nathan Cain.