The Miscreant Hour Interview & Kepler’s Books

Happy to be back in your ear-buds with this interview a la the boys at The Miscreant Hour Podcast.  Check out more of their work over at GrindfactorDotCom.  In it, we talk about some of my writing influences, what all I’ve been working on, the problems of researching and not researching, and much, much more.

     What else can I say?  They’re Miscreants.  But also readers.  Was very cool to get contacted out of the blue by a reader to do this cast.  If you’ve read my books and want to come talk, drop a line.

     SATURDAY JUNE 27 — If you’re in the Bay Area and want to come out and see YOUR BOY, then I’m excited to say I’ll be returning to Kepler’s Books and their Mystery Day on Saturday June 27, 2016 from 1PM–5PM. I will be hosting my own panel from 2:30PM-4PM, so be there!

     This event was organized by the great Keith Raffel and features a LOT of super crime authors, including David Corbett, Paul Draker, Cara Black, Laurie R. King and my buddies Janet Rudolph of the Mystery Readers Journal and Terry Shames, former Author Boot Camper!

Come on and join us!

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