Thoughts from the Author

What’s in a name? Coming up with the title for EVERYONE PAYS.

     I’m often asked how I come up with my book titles. For my newest novel: EVERYONE PAYS I had no shortage of ideas. Ultimately, one of the main characters from the novel led the way. In Chapter Nine, Father Michael is walking the streets of the Tenderloin and one particular phrase from his internal monologue stood out from all the other possibilities.      graphic_052016-EveryonePays-exerpt

     That’s where it came from, but you’ll have to read Chapter Nine to get the full context as to why this became my book title. Of course, EVERYONE PAYS wasn’t the only title in the running before publication. If you’re interested in learning a little about my creative process and my thoughts about choosing this title, check out this post. It’s a list of all my alternate book titles, and the full story of how EVERYONE PAYS earned its name.

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