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The latest installment in the Jack Palms Crime saga is here: The Maltese Jordans is now live and available from Amazon or signed and shipped directly from me. You can also get it on Indiebound, B&N, and more!

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More info about the book after the break:

A basketball legend. A mythical pair of sneakers. A bounty for Jack Palms.

What if Michael Jordan played one secret pickup game in summer 1996 to pay off a debt so big it would get him banned from the NBA for life? What if that game was on a private court in Malta, and Jordan’s parting gift was a jewel-encrusted pair of Jordan 11s for the king, a pair of shoes so special and rare that they could be worth millions… if they exist?

Follow Jack Palms as he tracks the man who knows the truth about these special sneakers, a felon who just skipped bond in San Francisco to chase his dream—and the pair of kicks that can only go by one name.

In the vein of Elmore Leonard and Raymond Chandler, with touches of Bill Simmons, Seth Harwood presents his next novel, The Maltese Jordans

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