As Much Protein as an Egg – Episode 9

Seth Harwood PodcastsHere are chapters 15-16 of the novel. Again, we’re in the world of 9/11 with Billy Pilgrim. This is the content I thought of when I originally chose to podcast this book. (Listen here).

As with my story “Tuesday,” I was feeling a connection between 9/11 and COVID-19. Well, we’ve blown that entirely out of the water now. Stick around to hear why I think so. 2020? By far the worst!

Here’s that freestyle from Black Thought. LOVE it!

Also, have you seen this video? Heard “Lockdown” by Anderson Paak? Love it. This is SO of the moment. Check it out.

And I’ve been working hard on (the endeavor, not the website). Stay tuned for more from Ground in September.

Thanks for your support!

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