Stockbridge (MA) Maltese Reading

Click to hear or download me reading two chapters of The Maltese Jordans at Stockbridge Coffee & Tea (and Bookstore) on July 11, 2019. 

I read with my good ole buddy Dan Pope, author of In the Cherry Tree and Housebreaking. Dan’s a wonderful author and worth your immediate reading interest. 

The sections I read are from The Maltese Jordans, which you can buy here or get in full audiobook here.  

One really fun thing about this reading: two listeners and fans from my days (almost ten years back!!) showed up to hear the reading. Olive “Raindance” McGloin and Darrell Johnson hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada — And back! — and spent a lot of that time listening to podcasts/Podiobooks. In fact, they listened to all of my novels on synchronized iPods/iPhones! Awesome! I haven’t bumped into fans/listeners like these in a long time!

Now they’re spending a few months in the Berkshires and came out to see me read. It was awesome to meet them. You can read more about them here.  Olive was the first woman to ever complete a consecutive hike of the Pacific Crest Trail BOTH WAYS! It’s a hike 5x longer than the one Cheryl Strayed completed in Wild. Just sayin.   

plus check the reading-inspired Js!

Jack's Back! Throwback Thursday

CR275M DJ headphones isolated on white
Listen here! [Now with NEW TALKING!]
JWU-Throwback-04 (Covers Ch. 8-10 in the book.)
This week you get some FREE Jack Palms for a Throwback Thursday (a new, regular occurrence over at my Patreon page), updates from me, new talk, intros and outros, and the PROOF that I’m getting back to the mic, finally giving you more of what you want to hear!
New Jack Palms content will be on the way soon, along with “The Sinaloa Affair.”
Please help fund the cause by going to Patreon and becoming one of my lovelies. Thanks!

Patreon is Live / Why Patreon?

screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-2-34-01-pmFirst, my Patreon page is now live! You can head over to see it here:
What does this mean for you? Well, first it means new audio content! More stuff for your ears in the way of stories, podcast-novels, and more awesome chit-chat about the writing life, being a dad, and publishing as a whole. And soon: MORE JACK PALMS! (cue the music)


The big thing that was missing from podcasting when I did it in the past was a way of monetizing the audiobooks I was putting out. Basically the plan was to get big enough so a publisher (or publishers) would monetize my content by selling it as books. And thanks to your help, I did that!
But guess what: the BOOK publishing industry is in any number of degrees of flux/change/peril, depending on whom you ask. It’s not necessarily the most stable ship to put yourself into these days. Trust me, I’ve crossed a few oceans now.
Lately, I made the decision that I have to do work that I get paid for. I have a family now. We bought a house. Hence a new idea: that perhaps it was time to quit writing.
“But you’ve had so much success!” you say, or “But I want you to keep doing what you do!”
And I want those things too. Of course bills need to be paid. I have to spend time on work that pays. Then I realized: maybe it’s the BOOKS part that’s tied up in trouble, not the writing part. I thought back to all the fun we had when I was podcasting–that feeling of being connected right to you, an audience, and the rush of putting out content regularly to people who wanted it.
What I’ve come to realize this year from great authors like Mike Bennett and Stant Litore is that Patreon is a way to monetize the content that people really want: AUDIO fiction, MP3s, podcasts. Media that comes to you instead of waiting for you to seek it out, buy it, and find time to sit down with it in solitude and Quality Time, as books invariably do. Let’s face it: our lives are changing. We spend more time with our earbuds and less time curled up with a good book. It’s just a fact.
Will I give up the written word? NO! But it’s high time to make some changes around here.
Thus, Patreon and a subscription model of bringing back all the great serialized novel podcasts that you used to love!
Some of you will remember back in 2011 when I did this successful  Kickstarter Project to publish JACK PALMS II: THIS IS LIFERemember that? It was awesome, it worked, and it did something great for us both: helped me get a book out, make some money, and gave fans an awesome way to contribute to what I was making, get involved in the process, and buys books. The downside: it took a lot of work and wasn’t sustainable. It was a one-time thing. Enter Patreon, again!


Patreon allows me to set up a SUBSCRIPTION model to give you content regularly. Thus, you’re able to become a regularly-scheduled Patron of my work. For a small amount each month, depending on what rewards you want and what you can afford, I can continue to write the fiction I want to write while you get to hear the awesome crime-fiction podcasts that you remember from our days as a Palms Family. Remember those? Yeah, good times!
Patreon is a form of funding artists as a group. Basically it’s subscription-based, sustainable Crowd-Funding. Hooray!!!
So come on over to my Patreon page, check out the awesome graphics that homie Mike Farley did, and see what level of rewards might be exciting or enticing for you.
I’ll be back soon with a video to explain, more audio, and plenty of goodies for your ears and eyeballs. Want a new RSS? No problem. Patreon is your place for it. Go have a look. I’ll see you there.

Your boy,

Seth Harwood

JULY Kindle Deals!

Amazon / Thomas & Mercer have some COOL SUMMER DEALS this July!

With the first deal you can pick up a Kindle edition my whimsical science-fiction novel: AS MUCH PROTEIN AS AN EGG!  It’s a writerly take on the great Kurt Vonnegut’s style and is only ¢.99 all July!  Pick up a copy and enjoy!
Next is your opportunity to get a Kindle edition of THIS IS LIFE. This is the second book of the: Jack Palms Crime series and is marked down to just $1.99 for your device all month.
Lastly: a special deal for those crazy Brexit folks!  With all the noise in politics and worry about the Pound, I suggest you pick up a nice mystery/thriller to take your mind off the problems. For just a single quid (or just £1 Pound Sterling) get your own Kindle edition of IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, just in case it’s unavailable in the future (kidding)!

Grab them up, tell your friends, and spread that discount-priced goodness!

~YOUR BOY,  Seth Harwood.


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EVERYONE PAYS launches in just over two weeks.  Counting down!  If you’ve already had a chance to read it in galley or preview, please review it here at Goodreads.  Amazon reviews open after pub date.
If you’re in Hawaii, Boston or NYC, I hope I’ll see you out at one of the following events:

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Harwood E-books on sale all month!

in-broad-daylightyj-coverWelcome to April everyone!

We’re just over three weeks away from the official launch date for EVERYONE PAYS — April 26th!  Personally, I can’t wait.  I hope you can’t either.

To tide you over until then my two favorite Harwood titles In Broad Daylight and Young Junius are both on sale all month over at Amazon for just $1.99.  Can’t beat that pricing!

If you’ve already read them, this is a great time to show your support by telling your friends about these two books — let ’em know you love ’em! — while sending them some great reading to prime them for the launch of EVERYONE PAYS.

You with me? I hope so. Let’s DO this!

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The NEW SITE is here!

Welcome, welcome!

Everyone Pays

Wipe your feet on the mat, take your coat off and come on in. Here’s the new-look version of, just in time for the buildup to April’s release of EVERYONE PAYS from Thomas & Mercer Books.

There’s a lot you can do here so poke around and see the new SethHarwoodDotCom Q&A Page — where you can ask me questions.  My new site also has all the free podcasts of my early books, links to E-books at Amazon, contact information, and all that good stuff you’d expect!

If you’d like to see something else come up here, drop me a line!  Let me know what I should post next.  I’d love to hear from you.  Check back soon, I’ll have links to SIGNED COPIES and other goodies… coming soon.

Thanks for visiting.

Seth Harwood.