Craft Sequence Course: Show Don’t Tell — Unpacking Familiar Advice

“Show, don’t tell.” We’ve all heard this dictum and recognize it in our approach to writing. It goes right on the shelf with “Write What You Know.” and other favorites. But does it mean we should never tell? And how much showing is too much? Nobody wants to read just description. Right?

These questions and more will be answered as we unpack the most-heard (and possibly misunderstood) “rule” of writing. Starting with the creation of visual scenes, employing dialogue, and placing characters in a specific setting, we will develop a connection with readers that leads to a series of images, even a movie, transpiring in their minds as they read.

This, in fact, is showing: creating the shared vision of writer and reader so that both can see characters acting and interacting in a created world. Develop a process that enables you to wade into the unknown of new work to create scenes and stories that captivate, move, and even thrill readers.

Dates: April 29 – June 14 (6 weeks)

Cost: $450

Format: Fully Online/Asynchronous (participate whenever you’re able). Each week will include a written assignment, a craft lesson and reading(s), as well as discussion threads online (text-based) and a 45-minute Zoom session to delve into craft. (Recordings provided for those who can’t attend.)

Email Seth to reserve your spot now! – Limited to 12 students.