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Welcome! Here’s the place to get your signed copy. Just choose a quantity below and tell me how to sign. That’s it. I can’t wait for you to read this book!

I’m happy to sign other titles for you and ship as well. Want the new edition of Jack Wakes Up, This Is Life, Young Junius, or Czechmate? Let me know. I’ll come up with a price and email you back. (Covers pictured below.)

How should I sign for you?

Know someone else who’d like this read? Buy one for a friend and prices scale down.

If you’re international: Right now international shipping seems very expensive. I feel bad even quoting the prices. So you might be better off buying on Amazon.

Or change your mind and want to shop Amazon for another reason? Go here.

Here are all the new covers:

Jack Wakes Up
This Is Life
Young Junius

5 thoughts on “Buy your signed copy here.

  1. I was captivated by your style and gift of story telling with the first Jack Palms book. So much so that when you asked for pre-order help with Young Junius, published through Tyrus Books (what a shame they are gone, huh? Liked their stuff), I felt compelled to support your talent. I was number 24 by the way. Since then I have followed your writing career, enjoying each book very much, including your non-Jack Palms books, e.g., In Broad Daylight, and Everyone Pays. I am so glad you have kept up with writing — a field so tough that the easily discouraged just give up no matter their talent. And you are very talented…and very tough. Thank you for all you write. Ansley PS: I don’t have all of your books signed; I gonna click that link above and see what you got layin’ around.

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