As Much Protein As An Egg

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Artemis Kellog struggles to write his first screenplay, find love in San Francisco, and maintain his coffee consumption. Bainbridge McGee aspires to play golf, write his fourth Great American Novel, and dabble in the online dating scene.
Each man is indebted to and inspired by Vonnegut, a passion that plays out as McGee works on his masterpiece and Kellog finds writing is his true religion. When they both land on a select committee tasked with choosing the winner of a prestigious sci-fi and fantasy writers award, the choice is clear—to them—and both become determined to ensure Vonnegut is honored with the award.
At turns spellbinding, suspenseful, and full of love, this story comes down to the finish to reveal if, on science fiction’s grandest stage, Vonnegut will be remembered with the appropriate reverence the master deserves.