CrimeWAV Season 1

Listen to Episode One: Jason Starr – “The Last Bachelor of North Miami”

Jason Starr is the multi-award winning author of twelve crime novels published in ten languages. He has also written for film, TV, and comics. His latest thriller is Savage Lane. Visit his site at

Listen to Episode Two: Christa Faust – “Cut Man”

Christa Faust resides in L.A. and is the author of the award-winning Hard Case Crime novel Money Shot and other novels and stories. Find her at

Listen to Episode Three: Gary Phillips – “Swift Boats for Jesus”

On the faculty at Antioch Los Angeles, Gary Phillips’ recent work includes 3 The Hard Way, three novellas. Check out Gary at his site, This story comes from the anthology Politics Noir: Dark Tales from the Corridors of Power (Verso Press).

Listen to Episode Four: Dave Zeltserman – “Adrenaline”

Dave Zeltserman’s novels have made several best books of the year lists. Writing as Jacob Stone, his most recent novel is Deranged. Find him at “Adrenaline” was first published in Out of the Gutter #3.

Listen to Episode Five: Mark Coggins – “Ride a Red Dragon” – Pt. 1

This story comes to us from the friendly streets of San Francisco circa 1920s. Mark Coggins’ latest August Riordan novel is No Hard Feelings. You can get more info about Mark at his site

Listen to Episode Six: Mark Coggins – “Ride a Red Dragon” – Part 2

This is part two of Mark Coggins’ “Ride a Red Dragon.” Find Mark at his site

Listen to Episode Seven: Vicki Hendricks – “Must Bite” – Part 1

***WARNING: This episode contains bestiality and murdering monkeys.***
“Must Bite” was originally published on the web at For more information about Vicki Hendricks, go to

Listen to Episode Eight: Vicki Hendricks – “Must Bite” – Part 2

***WARNING: This episode contains bestiality and murdering monkeys.***
For more info on Vicki Hendricks, visit Thanks to Mike Bekemeyer for his help with editing this episode.

Listen to Episode Nine: Charles Ardai – “Secret Service”

Charles Ardai is the editor of Hard Case Crime. Charles has won a lot of awards as himself and has also written two novels as Richard Aleas: Little Girl Lost and Songs of Innocence.

Listen to Episode Ten: Tim Maleeny – “Prisoner of Love”

Tim Maleeny’s story comes fresh from the foggy shores of San Francisco. He has a story in the 2017 anthology, Bound By Mystery (Poisoned Pen Press). Tim’s website is

Listen to Episode Eleven: Reed Farrel Coleman – “Killing O’Malley”

Reed Farrel Coleman is a four-time Edgar Award nominee, three-time recipient of the Shamus Award for Best PI Novel of the Year, and has won Audie, Macavity, Barry, and Anthony awards. He also writes for Robert B Parker’s Jesse Stone series. You can find Reed at

Listen to Episode Twelve: Megan Abbott – “Cheer”

This story first appeared in print in Storyglossia #28, the crime issue. Megan Abbott is an Edgar Award-winning author whose novel You Will Know Me, on several Best Books of 2016 lists, is now out in paperback. You can find more info on Megan here:

Listen to Episode Thirteen: Cornelia Read – “Hungry Enough”

Multi award-winning author Cornelia Read’s story “Hungry Enough” was featured in the anthology A Hell of a Woman, edited by Megan Abbott (ep. 12), and won the 2008 Shamus Award for Best Short Story.

Listen to Episode Fourteen: Marc Lecard – “California Racing Pigs”

Marc Lecard is the author of the novels Tiny Little Troubles and Vinnie’s Head. You can find out more about Marc and read excerpts of his novels at

Listen to Episode Fifteen: Anthony Neil Smith – “Psycho Redneck Pick-up Truck Killing Spree”

Anthony Neil Smith is professor of English at Southwest Minnesota State University, the author of Yellow Medicine, All the Young Warriors, and Worm, and publisher emeritus of the e-zine Plots with Guns.

Listen to Episode Sixteen: Jonathan McGoran – “Bad Debt”

Jonathan McGoran also writes under the name D.H. Dublin, including three forensic crime thrillers Blood Poison, Body Trace, and Freezer Burn.

Listen to Episode Seventeen: Dave White – “Limp Puppets” and Drew Gardner – “The Good Soldier”

A Shamus Award nominated author, Dave White’s latest book is Blind to Sin: A Jackson Donne Novel. His story “Limp Puppets” first appeared in Shots UK. Find him at
Drew Gardner is a former cop.

Listen to Episode Eighteen: Nathan Cain – “Amphetamine Logic”

Nathan Cain is a journalist. This story was first published in Thuglit and was nominated for a Spinetingler award.

Listen to Episode Nineteen: Sarah Weinman – “Blooming”

Sarah Weinman is the editor of Women Crime Writers: Eight Suspense Novels of the 1940s & 50s (Library of America, 2015). “Blooming” comes from the anthology Hell of a Woman. It’s guest read by Mae Breakall and produced by her husband Scott.

Listen to Episode Twenty: David Corbett – “Pretty Little Parasite”

David Corbett is the author of three critically acclaimed novels: The Devil’s Redhead, Done for a Dime, and Blood of Paradise. His short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies, including San Francisco Noir and Las Vegas Noir, and he contributed a chapter to the world’s first serial audio thriller, The Chopin Manuscript. His latest release is the short story collection Thirteen Confessions. For more, go to