New Podcast: As Much Protein as an Egg – Director’s Cut

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Been missing your boy in your ears? Well, I’m back with an all new (FREE) podcast for you. This is the pre-edit, long form version of As Much Protein as an Egg, my novella that takes place in a California that largely overlaps the world of Kurt Vonnegut. Enjoy!

As Artemis Kellog struggles to write his first screenplay, find love in San Francisco, and maintain his coffee consumption, Bainbridge McGee plays golf, writes his fourth Great American Novel, and dabbles in online dating. Each man owes a debt of inspiration to Kurt Vonnegut, American writing legend. Hear how their passions play out while McGee works on his masterpiece and Kellog finds writing to be his true religion.

You can find all my new episodes here, including a new short story, “Tuesday,” that connects my thoughts on 9/11 to those of COVID-19.

Want more? You can buy the whole book (edited edition) here as a paperback. eBook and Director’s Cut coming soon.

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Well, for $3 a month, you can get all the episodes of THE MALTESE JORDANS here before I put them out free later in 2020.